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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.9, created. v2.0.9

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.9, created. v2.0.9
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 06:15:40 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.0.9 has been created
        at  f767c44247b4fdbecee05b45f24875510742e0d5 (tag)
   tagging  7f74dcb4a5439bb2247875f458b5f0a20710af07 (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.7
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Apr 10 07:52:58 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 2.0.9.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)


Andy Wingo (119):
      minor cleanup in values.c
      More procedure-arguments-alist documentation and a bugfix
      Fix partial commit of documentation update
      http-get: don't shutdown write end of socket
      slight open-pipe* / open-process refactor
      deprecate SCM_CHAR_CODE_LIMIT and char-code-limit
      fix ice-9/slib
      add bytevector->string and string->bytevector in new (ice-9 iconv) module
      (web server) uses (ice-9 iconv)
      remove (web http) TODO list
      read-response-body always returns bytevector or #f
      Add http-post, http-put, et cetera
      Change iconv procedures to take optional instead of keyword arg
      Docstrings in (ice-9 iconv)
      case-lambda* clauses fail to match if too many positionals
      fix string->bytevector for utf-8 and non-error conversion strategies
      an end to the generated-documentation experiment
      peval-introduced gensyms infix " "
      trace: limit length of "| | | "... prefix
      warn on multithreaded fork
      Fix attempt to get handle of weak table in (oop goops save)
      fix try-module-autoload, which did not detect failure to find the file
      read-and-compile closes input file after seeing EOF
      add dynl.x dep on libpath.h
      Fix http-get* deprecation note
      fix compilation of glil to assembly
      documentation recommends scm_new_smob instead of SCM_NEWSMOB
      libguile examples use scm_c_vector functions instead of 
      `include' relative paths relative to including file
      add read-string and read-string! to (ice-9 rdelim)
      add fluid->parameter
      current-language is a parameter in boot-9
      docstring in rdelim
      paameterize in read-and-compile
      fix dynamic-call doc
      add --language argument
      load files from the command line relative to the cwd
      fix regression in -l
      oop goops save: fix compile-time availability of write-component
      current-ssax-error-port is a parameter
      begin rewriting SXML docs
      ssax: treat *DEFAULT* as a fallback handler in entity alist
      make (sxml simple)'s xml->sxml more capable
      xml->sxml argument can be a port or a string
      require automake 1.12 for `serial-tests'.
      detect and consume byte-order marks for textual ports
      fix ssax:warn to work as intended
      quick fix to ssax.scm
      add #:doctype-handler to xml->sxml
      Revert "detect and consume byte-order marks for textual ports"
      (texinfo serialize): don't break words when wrapping
      (texinfo plain-text): Pass @math{} through as-is.
      (texinfo docbook): informaltable is a block element.
      (texinfo): add a command-spec for @math{}.
      allow (define-macro name (lambda ...))
      peval can inline let-bound lambdas
      procedures with rest arguments can get inlined
      better inlining of `apply' with rest arguments
      more rest argument inlining improvements
      inline call-with-values consumers with optional and/or rest args
      local rewrite for apply to a let-bound rest list
      array handle inline functions defined in array-handle.h.
      optimize access to arrays of rank 1 or 2
      deprecate generalized vectors in favor of arrays
      Update to gnulib 0.0.7865-a828.
      Add gnulib `select' module.
      add gnulib `times' module
      better handling of windows file name conventions
      add link to doc about UNC names
      copy-file and load-objcode use O_BINARY
      fix an error message loading invalid bytecode
      fix compilation of functions with more than 255 local variables.
      mkstemp uses O_BINARY
      net_db.c doesn't import winsock2.h
      random_state_of_last_resort doesn't rely on HAVE_POSIX
      allow '/' in the prefix of UNC file names on windows
      load.c uses same logic as boot-9 for file names
      simplify scm_stat on mingw
      cleanup to filesys.c's handling of file name separators
      deprecate (ice-9 mapping)
      remove language/glil/decompile-assembly.scm
      fix compilation under mingw
      structs with tail arrays are not simple
      GUILE_INSTALL_LOCALE=1 during build
      ,option evaluates its right-hand-side
      support calls and tail-calls with more than 255 formals
      fix in-tree guile reference
      allow case-lambda expressions with no clauses
      add check for struct pollfd
      remove mingw32 implementations of {get,end,set}{serv,proto}ent
      squish remove some mingw-specific code that is covered by gnulib
      Import `pipe-posix' module from gnulib.
      add gnulib fstat module explicitly
      portability simplification with scmsigs.c and alarm
      remove init.c iselect include
      if we have threads on windows, we have pthreads; inform bdw-gc of that
      simplify filesys.c via gnulib's select and fstat modules
      fports uses gnulib's select
      silence mingw32 warning in i18n.c
      fix include-order problem in net_db.c for mingw
      mingw include order for socket.c
      simplify stime back-compat shims for tzname
      simplify readline.c
      simplify posix.c
      don't provide scm_std_select on mingw and similar platforms
      add getlogin from gnulib
      fix mingw issues with posix.c
      provide getlogin declaration if needed.
      guile.m4 allows selection of guile 2.0, 1.8, etc.
      failing to load module in psyntax indicates an identifier is not macro
      allow for spurious wakeups from pthread_cond_wait
      very beginnings of NEWS
      fix doc build
      incremental NEWS work
      more NEWS
      NEWS tweaks
      simplify configure checks for functionality provided by gnulib
      fix stime patch for HAVE_TIMES removal
      update NEWS

Bake Timmons (1):
      Improve keyword notation of Texinfo function definitions.

Cedric Cellier (1):
      document program-arguments-alist and program-lambda-list

Chris K. Jester-Young (7):
      Add SRFI-41.
      Use BT Templeton's preferred name.
      Add record type printers for srfi-41 and srfi-45.
      Revert "Add record type printers for srfi-41 and srfi-45."
      Use a fresh cons for %stream-null.
      Add record type printer for srfi-45.
      Add record type printer for srfi-41.

Daniel Hartwig (10):
      doc: remove more references to hash-tables-as-vectors
      repl: add repl-option for customized print
      update old references in FFI doc
      add hash-count for native tables
      fix and update (ice-9 mapping)
      test-suite: eq-ness of numbers, characters is unspecified
      minor tweaks to web documentation
      add tests for read-request-line, etc.
      http: support IP-literal (IPv6 address) in Host header
      web http: parse numeric time zones in headers

Daniel Llorens (10):
      Array documentation fixes
      Remove double indirection in element access in array-copy!
      Deprecate dead code in array-map.c
      Avoid per-element cons for 1-arg case of array-map!
      Remove double indirection in array-map! with <2 args
      Remove double indirection for 1st arg of array-for-each
      Tests for array-copy!
      Remove double indirection in array-fill!
      Deprecate scm_array_fill_int()
      Don't use scm_generalized_vector_get_handle() in array-map.c

David Kastrup (1):
      Let reverse! accept arbitrary types as second argument (new_tail)

Eli Zaretskii (1):
      Fix startup of guile.exe on MS-Windows.

Greg Benison (1):
      doc/ref/hierarchy.png: conform to hierarchy.txt and manual

Ian Price (3):
      Fix argument count for various format string escape sequences.
      Document (system repl server)
      Remove duplicate definitions of `call/ec' and `let/ec'.

Jason Earl (7):
      fix response-body-port for responses without content-length
      use chmod portably in (system base compile)
      fix AC_CHECK_DECLS for `alarm'
      excise use of "iff" in the manual
      add %site-ccache-dir
      import `poll' from gnulib
      rely on gnulib for `poll'

Ludovic Courtès (89):
      doc: Update `'.
      doc: Update `'.
      Verify the value of `SHUT_RD' and related constants.
      test-suite: Skip `EACCES' test of `file-system-fold' when run as root.
      build: Require Automake 1.11.2 or later.
      web: Correctly detect "No route to host" conditions.
      Change `system*' to not leave dangling processes behind.
      tests: Remove leftover `pk'.
      Clarify the copyright status of GOOPS.
      ecmascript: Fix conversion to boolean for non-numbers.
      Add tests for `--language'.
      Remove unneeded SMOB mark procedure in `memoize.c'.
      build: Allow use of Automake 1.13.
      Skip FFI tests that rely on `-export-dynamic' behavior when not available.
      guild: Gracefully handle failures to install the locale.
      Fix `getgroups' for when zero supplementary group IDs exist.
      build: Fix compilation of `c-tokenize.c' with latest Gnulib.
      Fix cross-compilation of `c-tokenize.o'.
      tests: Avoid missing missing-prototype warning with <fenv.h> on glibc 
      Recognize mips64* as having 32-bit pointers by default.
      Check whether a triplet's OS part specifies an ABI.
      Recognize the `x86_64.*-gnux32' triplet.
      Fix handling of the *-gnux32 target.
      Use accessors instead of symbols deprecated in libgc 7.3.
      Allow the SMOB mark procedures to be called when libgc uses parallel 
      doc: Fix build with Texinfo 5.0.
      Use `scm_is_eq' in filesys.c.
      doc: Rename "Texinfo" node to "Texinfo Processing".
      doc: Allow compilation of r5rs.texi with Texinfo 5.0.
      Use `scm_is_eq' in load.c.
      Make `SCM_LONG_BIT' usable in preprocessor conditionals.
      Install the current locale if GUILE_INSTALL_LOCALE is nonzero.
      Define the new Linux-specific `SO_REUSEPORT'.
      Use byte-oriented functions in `get-bytevector*'.
      Avoid rebuild of `' at the user's site.
      test suite: Use `pass-if-equal' in texinfo.test.
      texinfo: Allow markup in the arguments of address@hidden'.
      texinfo: Recognize `@:'.
      test suite: Fix typo in `texinfo.test'.
      texinfo plain-text: Properly render @dots{}.
      Build `guile-procedures.txt' using (texinfo) instead of `makeinfo'.
      build: Adjust makefiles for `guile-procedures.txt'.
      texinfo: Add whitespace after periods.
      texinfo plain-text: Use `match' for `stexi->plain-text'.
      Add bindings for `sendfile'.
      tests: Add more `maybe-gc-flakiness'.
      Skip relevant `sendfile' tests when thread support is lacking.
      sendfile: Check return value of `lseek'.
      sendfile: Make sure we have a Linux-style `sendfile'.
      build: Use portable sed constructs.
      getaddrinfo: Document the missing errno value for EAI_SYSTEM.
      SRFI-37: Fix infinite loop when processing short option with no required 
      doc: Use a preferred naming convention in SRFI-9 examples.
      Document `and=>'.
      futures: Limit the number of nested futures on the same stack.
      Update `NEWS'.
      doc: Consider `stream-null' as a variable.
      Fix erroneous `FUNC_NAME' for `scm_array_length'.
      Allow compilation with GMP < 5.0.0.
      Add Gnulib commit ID in `NEWS'.
      tests: Fix file name canonicalization tests for when $srcdir contains 
      build: Require GMP >= 4.2.
      tests: Skip `test-pthread-create-secondary' except on Linux-based systems.
      build: Remove redundant check for `struct timespec'.
      build: Build and check (ice-9 popen) only when --enable-posix and 
      Augment `.gitignore'.
      tests: Use `pass-if-equal' in ramap.test.
      tests: Add `array-for-each' tests for one-dimensional traversals.
      tests: Add `pass-if-equal' support in `c&e'.
      Add `call/ec' and `let/ec'.
      Update `NEWS'.
      doc: Document file name separator procedures.
      doc: Document `--language'.
      Update `NEWS'.
      doc: Warn against misuses of `file-name-separator-string'.
      doc: Link exceptions and escape continuations.
      Change `sendfile' to loop until everything has been sent.
      tests: Skip IPv6 socket tests when OS support is missing.
      Update `THANKS'.
      doc: Cosmetic change for `'.
      tests: Skip FFI tests involving `scm_is_pair' when `dynamic-func' fails.
      Bump version number for 2.0.8.
      Make `build-aux/' executable.
      stime: Remove #ifdef HAVE_*_H for headers provided by Gnulib.
      doc: Update `'.
      Bump version number for 2.0.9.
      build: Tell `gen-scmconfig' whether the system has `struct timespec'.
      doc: Require libunistring 0.9.3 in `README'.
      Mention `open-file' in NEWS.

Mark H Weaver (93):
      Avoid signed integer overflow in scm_product
      Thanks Jozef Chraplewski.
      Regenerate psyntax-pp.scm.
      Add 'for-humans?' flag to <language> specifications.
      Fix source annotation bug in psyntax 'expand-body'.
      Bump copyright year to 2013 in REPL greeting.
      Do not defer expansion of internal define-syntax forms.
      Fix typo in comment generated by gen-scmconfig.c.
      Add scm_from_ptrdiff_t and scm_to_ptrdiff_t.
      Add foreign types: ssize_t and ptrdiff_t.
      Add copyright notice to gen-scmconfig.c.
      Remove flawed test that assumed (eq? 1/2 2/4) would return false.
      random-state-from-platform: simplify pid conditional, and clarify docs.
      Revert "random-state-from-platform: simplify pid conditional, and clarify 
      Revert "random_state_of_last_resort doesn't rely on HAVE_POSIX"
      random_state_of_last_resort: use getpid directly, instead of scm_getpid
      Update copyright dates on random.c
      Support calling foreign functions of 10 arguments or more.
      Fix duplicate removal of with-fluids.
      Fix later-bindings-win logic in with-fluids.
      Fix thread-unsafe lazy initializations.
      Improve code in scm_gcd for inum/inum case
      Verify that FLT_RADIX is 2.
      Improve standards conformance of string->number.
      Optimize and simplify fractions code.
      Add 'round-ash', a rounding arithmetic shift operator
      Simplify and improve scm_i_big2dbl, and add scm_i_big2dbl_2exp
      Optimize logarithms using scm_i_big2dbl_2exp
      Reimplement 'inexact->exact' to avoid mpq functions.
      Improve inexact division of exact integers.
      Reimplement idbl2str number printer.
      Use scientific notation only if there are enough trailing zeroes.
      SRFI-45: Support multiple values; add promise? predicate.
      Optimize scm_i_divide2double for integers less than 2^DBL_MANT_DIG.
      Sqrt returns exact results when possible.
      Optimize inum case of exact-integer-sqrt.
      Improve sqrt handling of large integers and large and small rationals.
      Mention the non-conformance of the core SRFI-6 procedures in the manual.
      Add missing 'cond-expand' feature identifiers; remove srfi-6 from core 
      Revert "SRFI-45: Support multiple values; add promise? predicate."
      SRFI-45: add promise? predicate.
      Manual: xref SRFI-45 from core Delayed Evaluation section.
      Add full documentation for SRFI-41.
      Thanks Chris K. Jester-Young.
      SRFI-41 stream-null is a Scheme Variable, not a Constant.
      Revert "doc: Consider `stream-null' as a variable."
      doc: Use '@defvr' to introduce 'stream-null'.
      Add -C command-line option to adjust %load-compiled-path.
      Avoid unnecessary peeks for EOF in r6rs-ports.
      Fix typos in 'string-join' docs: 'string-infix' -> 'strict-infix'.
      Make 'string-append' more efficient and robust.
      Optimize 'string-join'.
      scm_string_join: properly sequence operations in ADD_TO_APPEND_LIST
      Fix broken texinfo markup in (ice-9 iconv) docs.
      Add 'scm_gc_typed_calloc' macro.
      Add internal-only port structure and move iconv descriptors there.
      Refactor port encoding modes: utf-8 and iconv
      Optimize 'get-bytevector-some'; it may now read less than possible.
      Move the port alist from the hash table to the internal port structure.
      Add a static version of 'scm_fill_input' to ports.c.
      Move slow path out of 'scm_get_byte_or_eof' et al.
      Rewrite get_iconv_codepoint to fix a bug involving byte-order marks.
      Remove uses of GC_PTR in 'finalize_iconv_descriptors'.
      Rename 'scm_i_get_byte_or_eof' et al; mark them as SCM_API.
      Remove BOM tests that depend on GNU iconv behavior.
      Use 'strcasecmp' to compare encoding names.
      Preserve the case of the user-specified port encoding string.
      Cross reference 'SRFI-9 Records' directly instead of 'SRFI-9'.
      Nicer docstring syntax for case-lambda.
      Peeks do not consume EOFs.
      Improve handling of Unicode byte-order marks (BOMs).
      Import 'c-strcase' from Gnulib.
      Use 'c_strcasecmp' instead of 'strcasecmp'.
      Bump 'copyright-year' to 2013.
      Implement 'scm_c_bind_keyword_arguments'.
      Fix indentation in test-scm-c-bind-keyword-arguments.c.
      Fix the recommendations for conversion of C string constants.
      Do not scan for coding declarations in open-file.
      Remove byte-order mark check from 'scm_i_scan_for_encoding'.
      Implement efficient 'scm_unget_bytes' and 'unget-bytevector'.
      Add keyword arguments to file opening procedures.
      Clarify 'file-encoding' docs: heuristics may be improved later.
      Remove outdated and misplaced "Included Guile Modules" node from manual.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      Miscellaneous 'sendfile' fixes and improved tests.
      Consume a peeked EOF at the REPL.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      Update 'NEWS'.
      Manual: Don't promise to signal an error for an illegal 'letrec'.
      Update 'THANKS'.
      Update bug report section of 'THANKS'.
      Fix alignment in 'THANKS'.
      Minor 'THANKS' fix.

Mike Gran (3):
      Update predefined character sets to Unicode 6.2
      Add standalone test for smob marking
      Document quit and exit

Stefan Israelsson Tampe (1):
      add GUILE_STACK_SIZE environment variable


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