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[Guile-commits] branch lloda-array-support updated (95de4f5 -> 64fa67c)

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch lloda-array-support updated (95de4f5 -> 64fa67c)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 18:39:41 +0000

lloda pushed a change to branch lloda-array-support
in repository guile.

      from  95de4f5   Convert primitive-eval to "compile" its expressions to 
linked closures
      adds  015c3c0   Assembler: Cope with non-string port filenames.
      adds  b1451ad   docs: Fix documented return type of 'scm_c_export'.
      adds  24d4f02   Merge commit 'b1451ad859183ae48c624d19ec144306bd2d3e3a'
      adds  5af307d   read: Accept "\(" in string literals.
      adds  678995f   Merge commit '5af307de43e4b65eec7f235b48a8908f2a00f134'
      adds  27b3b5b   Add allocate-struct, struct-ref, struct-set! instructions
      adds  e2fafeb   Keywords have a tc7
      adds  449be2a   build: Adjust to 'libtoolize' name on Darwin.
      adds  6b47249   Thank Per Bothner.
      adds  b9ace68   scm_boot_guile: Gracefully handle the case where argc == 
      adds  30c5982   i18n: Add HAVE_USELOCALE as a requirement for 
      adds  a7bbba0   Use on-stack or GC-managed memory in 'search-path'.
      adds  d5dffec   Merge commit 'a7bbba05838cabe2294f498e7008e1c51db6d664'
      adds  9c5d6aa   Reduce C heap allocations in 'search-path'.
      adds  fda17c2   Fix strerror error handling when given a non-integer 
      adds  03242f3   Avoid bash-specific '==' comparison operator in guile.m4.
      adds  10679f4   Fix bytevector-copy when applied to SRFI-4 homogeneous 
numeric vectors.
      adds  fdd319e   Add SCM_VALIDATE_SIZE_COPY and SCM_NUM2SIZE.
      adds  086bbcc   Merge commit 'fdd319e9bd4121d844662d3d8ccc69b462b60840'
      adds  81d2c84   Avoid signed overflow and use size_t in bytevectors.c.
      adds  a51111d   Merge commit '81d2c84674f03f9028f26474ab19d3d3f353881a'
      adds  ae6f77d   Fix bytevector-fill! to accept fill arguments greater 
than 127.
      adds  136c3a4   Recognize m68k, s390x, and sh4 as compilation targets
      adds  d1447c7   doc: Clarify behavior of 'select' in the presence of 
signal interruptions.
      adds  cffa9bd   Implement SRFI 28: Basic Format Strings.
      adds  7e466e0   doc: Tell when 'GUILE_INSTALL_LOCALE' first appeared.
      adds  8cf2a7b   Update (system base lalr) from upstream.
      adds  a5b5cb4   Merge commit '8cf2a7ba7432d68b9a055d29f18117be70375af9'
      adds  5fac1a7   Add the 'guild' and 'guile' variables to 'guile-2.0.pc'.
      adds  12dfe65   Merge commit '5fac1a7ada362d78f13143acbc0ceca7f2f101de'
      adds  680135b   doc: Clarify the unit of the 'offset' argument of 'seek'.
      adds  7c433cb   build: Add missing substitutions for 'guile-2.0.pc'.
      adds  7c6ce75   Merge commit '7c433cbbce83bc9f2f9967afba00bbb68e312657'
      adds  47ca15c   build: Better handle substitutions in 'guile-2.0.pc' & co.
      adds  1fc3fc1   Merge commit '47ca15c7dffd14a82e75c1a0aeeaf2e77f3fa5b4'
      adds  5d971db   Improve deprecation message of 'scm_add_to_port_table'.
      adds  2f5c5d0   Merge commit '5d971db802eaa8038db17e1aa5b4c69452739744'
      adds  cdcba5b   statprof: 'statprof' and 'with-statprof' return the 
code's return values.
      adds  6f248df   Merge commit 'cdcba5b2f6270de808e51b3b933374170611b91d'
      adds  37b1453   Avoid converting the 'mode' argument of 'open-file'.
      adds  baa74d3   Merge commit '37b1453032488de582175270d1b3a1653ea81457'
      adds  5943a62   Optimize 'write' for strings.
      adds  1cd7791   Merge commit '5943a62042432b86d757200ef595d7aebb5c9bac'
      adds  894d0b8   Deprecate 'scm_string_hash'.
      adds  baf9010   Merge commit '894d0b894daae001495c748b3352cd79918d3789'
      adds  87a8b56   Add 'string-hash' benchmarks.
      adds  01a301d   Optimize 'string-hash'.
      adds  e19235e   Merge commit '01a301d1b606b84d986b735049e7155d2f4cd6aa'
      adds  e1d29ee   Improve output of command-line errors.
      adds  ed72201   Fix buffer overrun with unbuffered custom binary input 
      adds  0a5b437   Merge commit 'ed72201a795ac1c8d6c0288b6bb710f2bd0ebd9c'
      adds  5b76323   Fix #:init-value on class-allocated slots
      adds  4247d8e   Merge commit '5b7632331e7551ac202bbaba37c572b96a791c6e'
      adds  e00c0a4   Fix the assembler for unexpected source properties
      adds  6679375   Mark two coverage tests as XFAIL
      adds  c0a56ec   %compute-applicable-methods in Scheme
      adds  e4aa440   Deprecate C interfaces scm_compute_applicable_methods, 
      adds  3a0d141   Rewrite %method-more-specific? to be in Scheme
      adds  08c5d88   Remove unused macros in goops.c
      adds  d1500d3   More useless goops.c code removal
      adds  9167e0b   compute-cpl implementation only in Scheme
      adds  6ab1939   %init-goops-builtins is an extension, not a global
      adds  82ab509   Preparation for more GOOPS refactorings
      adds  8906f23   Remove unused %fast-slot-ref / %fast-slot-set! from GOOPS
      adds  a91ea6a   Remove declarations without definitions
      adds  51fd1cd   Move GOOPS boot to Scheme
      adds  28b818d   Deprecate scm_basic_make_class
      adds  f840ed2   `class' is a hygienic macro
      adds  7cb88cb   define-generic, define-extended-generic are hygienic 
      adds  6098d96   Remove unused *goops-module* definition.
      adds  e0590e7   Fold GOOPS compile and dispatch modules into main GOOPS 
      adds  07f6200   Remove unused scm_t_method and SCM_METHOD
      adds  623559f   Deprecate scm_no_applicable_method C export
      adds  036c508   Remove unreachable code in scm_setter
      adds  005c078   Remove useless scm_s_slot_set_x export
      adds  79f2aaa   Remove unused `default-slot-definition-class' <class> slot
      adds  9e2cd55   Remove unused CPP defines naming <method> slots
      adds  6c7dd9e   Generics with setters have 
<applicable-struct-with-setter> layout
      adds  5789859   Deprecate C exports of GOOPS classes.
      adds  e03e310   Remove hashset slots from GOOPS classes
      adds  6a201bc   Remove scm_at_assert_bound_ref
      adds  984d43b   Remove scm_assert_bound
      adds  cf0a678   Remove private var_no_applicable_method capture
      adds  4db73f1   More unused code removal in GOOPS
      adds  06ea79b   Remove unused union scm_t_debug_info
      adds  2e0b693   More goops.c cleanups, and fix a security issue
      adds  945652a   Remove GOOPS random state
      adds  affe170   Refactor to <class> slot computation
      adds  ebca094   Statically compute offsets for slots of <class> in Scheme
      adds  8dfc0ba   goops: use computed class slot offsets; untabify and fix 
      adds  70dd600   <class> accessors implemented in Scheme
      adds  48c981c   Port method and generic accessors to Scheme
      adds  ade4cf4   Move slot-ref et al to Scheme
      adds  0cd9a69   Goops slot-unbound / slot-missing cleanups
      adds  3292354   Remove pure-generic?
      adds  623a259   Remove TEST_CHANGE_CLASS
      adds  2b7692b   No more concept of "pure generics"
      adds  5a6165d   Remove scm_c_extend_primitive_generic
      adds  f608881   Minor goops.c tidying
      adds  4a28ef1   Rewrite %initialize-object in Scheme
      adds  2b5812c   Deprecate scm_get_keyword
      adds  4702cbe   Move <class> initialization to Scheme
      adds  92928b8   Re-use the vtable "size" field for GOOPS nfields
      adds  07452c8   Reimplement %allocate-instance in Scheme
      adds  f37bece   Reimplement inherit-applicable! in Scheme
      adds  2025a02   goops.c no longer knows about <class> slot allocation
      adds  60061fe   Incorporate %inherit-magic! into %init-layout!
      adds  c2aa5d9   Cosmetic goops refactors.
      adds  0ca4929   GOOPS cleanup to use SRFI-1 better
      adds  91ff8e9   append-map rather than mapappend
      adds  06d54b3   GOOPS utils module cleanups
      adds  ac5185c   Fold (oop goops util) into (oop goops)
      adds  9c49d47   Add compute-cpl tests
      adds  cb3ea03   scm_make cleanup
      adds  9647d3d   Narrative reordering in goops.scm
      adds  9ae0070   Commenting in goops.scm
      adds  b89432f   More GOOPS comments
      adds  bacc882   when and unless for one-armed ifs in goops.scm
      adds  f5c3476   More GOOPS cleanups
      adds  d273b9c   Convert emit-linear-dispatch to use match
      adds  76d531c   `match' refactor in goops.scm
      adds  c2b61cf   GOOPS class slot indices defined as inline values
      adds  761338f   Manipulate GOOPS vtable flags from Scheme, for speed
      adds  f15c0f5   slot-ref, slot-set! et al bypass "using-class" variants
      adds  9539b20   change-object-class refactor
      adds  2bcb278   GOOPS: Deprecate "using-class" procs like 
      adds  567a6d1   The GOOPS "unbound" value is a unique pair
      adds  26a6aae   Beginnings of <slot> slot definition class
      adds  568174d   Introduce <slot> objects in GOOPS
      adds  e437c50   Use a vtable bit to mark <slot> instances
      adds  c4974c5   Inline helpers into slot-ref, slot-set!, etc
      adds  2a3ef7c   Inline internal slot accessors
      adds  79c2ca2   Optimize %initialize-object
      adds  c6fb41f   Minor GOOPS cleanups
      adds  7c49985   Fix foreign objects for removal of getters-n-setters
      adds  0b4c068   Update (oop goops save) for <slot> objects
      adds  3f4829e   GOOPS cosmetics
      adds  0d96aca   Fast generic function dispatch without calling `compile' 
at runtime
      adds  d21ef26   Simplify GOOPS effective method cache format
      adds  193e2c5   Export <slot> from GOOPS
      adds  4bde3f0   Simplify and optimize slot access
      adds  e709738   Fix accessor struct inlining in GOOPS
      adds  15e4746   Fix verify-cps
      adds  1abe6ba   Really disable stack underflow checks when 
      adds  583a23b   Fix accessor struct field inlining
      adds  649ec8d   Accessor methods only apply to subclasses with their slot
      adds  7b0a8df   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      adds  05d0cdf   Fix foreign objects for getter method change
      adds  26350ed   Add #:static-slot-allocation?
      adds  e87f059   Reify bytevector? in the correct module
      adds  d64146f   Document support for URI references.
      adds  22c9e76   NEWS and doc updates
      adds  1bbf7f7   Add `scm_smob_type_class()'.
       new  7d3d125   Avoid unneeded internal use of array handles
       new  e86e1ac   Remove scm_from_contiguous_array
       new  a21c007   Unuse array 'contiguous' flag
       new  7b08ddd   Reuse SCM_BYTEVECTOR_TYPED_LENGTH in scm_array_get_handle
       new  14dd20a   Compile in C99 mode
       new  e8111a2   New functions array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
       new  ff4fd1a   Tests & doc for array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
       new  64fa67c   Rename array-set-from!, scm_array_set_from_x to 
array-amend!, scm_array_amend_x

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 NEWS                                             |  127 +-
 THANKS                                           |    4 +                                       |   10 +-
 benchmark-suite/                      |    1 +
 benchmark-suite/benchmarks/{ =>} |   49 +-                                     |   43 +-
 doc/ref/api-compound.texi                        |  127 +-
 doc/ref/api-data.texi                            |    8 +-
 doc/ref/api-io.texi                              |   10 +-
 doc/ref/api-modules.texi                         |    2 +-
 doc/ref/guile-invoke.texi                        |    6 +-
 doc/ref/libguile-parallel.texi                   |   19 +-
 doc/ref/posix.texi                               |    6 +-
 doc/ref/srfi-modules.texi                        |   37 +
 doc/ref/statprof.texi                            |    7 +-
 doc/ref/vm.texi                                  |   48 +-
 doc/ref/web.texi                                 |   48 +-
 libguile/array-handle.c                          |   12 +-
 libguile/arrays.c                                |  309 ++-
 libguile/arrays.h                                |   10 +-
 libguile/bytevectors.c                           |   97 +-
 libguile/bytevectors.h                           |    5 +
 libguile/debug.h                                 |   14 +-
 libguile/deprecated.c                            |  397 +++-
 libguile/deprecated.h                            |   71 +-
 libguile/error.c                                 |    9 +-
 libguile/evalext.c                               |    3 +-
 libguile/filesys.c                               |    9 +-
 libguile/fports.c                                |   11 +-
 libguile/goops.c                                 | 2708 ++++----------------
 libguile/goops.h                                 |  195 +--
 libguile/hash.c                                  |   10 +-
 libguile/hash.h                                  |    4 +-
 libguile/i18n.c                                  |    2 +-
 libguile/init.c                                  |    8 +-
 libguile/keywords.c                              |   33 +-
 libguile/keywords.h                              |    6 +-
 libguile/load.c                                  |   57 +-
 libguile/ports.c                                 |    4 +-
 libguile/print.c                                 |   82 +-
 libguile/procs.c                                 |    5 -
 libguile/r6rs-ports.c                            |   17 +-
 libguile/read.c                                  |    7 +-
 libguile/smob.c                                  |   22 +-
 libguile/smob.h                                  |    4 +-
 libguile/struct.c                                |   15 +-
 libguile/struct.h                                |    4 +-
 libguile/tags.h                                  |    4 +-
 libguile/validate.h                              |    7 +
 libguile/vm-engine.c                             |   92 +-
 libguile/vm.c                                    |    4 +-
 meta/                                 |   86 +-
 meta/                             |    7 +
 meta/guile.m4                                    |    2 +-
 module/                               |    6 +-
 module/ice-9/command-line.scm                    |   12 +-
 module/language/cps/compile-bytecode.scm         |   10 +-
 module/language/cps/effects-analysis.scm         |    5 +-
 module/language/cps/primitives.scm               |    3 +-
 module/language/cps/reify-primitives.scm         |    5 +-
 module/language/cps/specialize-primcalls.scm     |   10 +-
 module/language/cps/types.scm                    |    5 +-
 module/language/cps/verify.scm                   |    4 +-
 module/language/ecmascript/base.scm              |    6 +-
 module/language/tree-il/compile-cps.scm          |   18 +-
 module/language/tree-il/primitives.scm           |    5 +-
 module/oop/goops.scm                             | 3063 ++++++++++++++++------
 module/oop/goops/active-slot.scm                 |   16 +-
 module/oop/goops/compile.scm                     |   55 -
 module/oop/goops/composite-slot.scm              |    6 +-
 module/oop/goops/describe.scm                    |   11 +-
 module/oop/goops/dispatch.scm                    |  277 --
 module/oop/goops/save.scm                        |   58 +-
 module/oop/goops/util.scm                        |   61 -
 module/srfi/{srfi-8.scm => srfi-28.scm}          |   23 +-
 module/statprof.scm                              |   20 +-
 module/system/base/lalr.upstream.scm             |   99 +-
 module/system/base/target.scm                    |    7 +-
 module/system/base/types.scm                     |    5 +-
 module/system/foreign-object.scm                 |   47 +-
 module/system/vm/assembler.scm                   |   18 +-
 module/system/vm/disassembler.scm                |    3 +-
 test-suite/tests/arrays.test                     |  191 ++-
 test-suite/tests/bytevectors.test                |   30 +-
 test-suite/tests/coverage.test                   |   13 +-
 test-suite/tests/goops.test                      |  140 +-
 test-suite/tests/ports.test                      |   16 +-
 test-suite/tests/r6rs-ports.test                 |   34 +-
 test-suite/tests/reader.test                     |    9 +-
 test-suite/tests/statprof.test                   |   13 +
 test-suite/tests/types.test                      |    5 +-
 91 files changed, 4873 insertions(+), 4320 deletions(-)
 copy benchmark-suite/benchmarks/{ =>} (51%)
 delete mode 100644 module/oop/goops/compile.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/oop/goops/dispatch.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/oop/goops/util.scm
 copy module/srfi/{srfi-8.scm => srfi-28.scm} (64%)

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