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[Guile-commits] branch lightening created (now 9f22ec9)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch lightening created (now 9f22ec9)
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 11:38:36 -0400 (EDT)

wingo pushed a change to branch lightening
in repository guile.

        at  9f22ec9   Merge from upstream Lightening

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  3c76115   Update version.texi
       new  549dc50   Update .gitignore
       new  d90a545   Strip "get-jit-size" feature from lightning.
       new  423d048   Remove example .c files from documentation
       new  414f530   Inline body.texi and version.texi into lightning.texi
       new  59064a1   Move lightning.texi up to root, and remove
       new  4ca2f6e   Archive lightning ChangeLog
       new  beac56d   Remove TODO
       new  8215433   Remove bits of .gitignore no longer needed
       new  a5263b6   Remove autotools
       new  796ec6c   Rename include to jit.h, move all files to jit/
       new  4899315   Rename lightning.c to jit.c
       new  846e7bc   Remove -sz.c files
       new  9c1b01f   Simplify file names
       new  90ebba8   Remove unneeded bits of lightning
       new  d567faf   Create beginning of stripped-down lightning interface
       new  f3f7194   Replace jit_int32_t, etc with stdint types
       new  17a38ff   Add endian.h
       new  e81b64d   Update call/receive machinery
       new  0d78447   Trim unneded bits from jit.c
       new  4797077   "extern"-related cleanup, and further implementation
       new  a0714ec   Finish conversion to stdint types
       new  9e70bda   Update gitignore
       new  017740c   Really finish stdint conversion
       new  447fccf   Remove needless PUBLIC/HIDDEN definitions
       new  9bc0158   Inline private.h into jit.c
       new  c51c937   Make _rvs array static-const
       new  0d81c5c   Beginnings of port of x86 to new design
       new  bad7e34   Implementation of new design
       new  021f31f   Add "addi" test
       new  df0a5d7   Better loading of args to registers; add tests
       new  f0cecc4   Convert tests to jit_load_args
       new  02ce895   Flesh out README
       new  94a58a8   Add note about current status
       new  8233871   Add new tests
       new  56d8f8d   Add more tests
       new  b371e91   Tests for some div operations
       new  8e01025   Add more div tests
       new  0127664   Add remr tests
       new  6a6da4a   Add bitops tests
       new  7393651   Add lsh/rsh tests
       new  a201467   Add comr/negr tests
       new  ae13948   Rework naming of test suite files
       new  3acf102   Add mov_addr test
       new  082a629   Add extr tests
       new  1808239   Add bswap tests, and fix missing breaks in jit_load_args
       new  afd3213   Add ldr tests
       new  c6067dd   Add ldi tests
       new  d917dc2   Add ldxr tests
       new  6f9bbe7   Add ldxi tests
       new  4fe296b   Add str tests
       new  ee2c6ab   Add sti tests
       new  552e51a   Add stxr tests
       new  c5c2b6f   Add stxi tests
       new  e289f88   Add .gitlab-ci.yml
       new  787305e   Tweak test build to run faster, and adapt CI
       new  9adbed9   Fix stxi_d bug
       new  52a9ab8   Add bltr test
       new  5a740b9   Add more integer reg/reg branch-and-compare tests
       new  ab0d172   Add floating-point reg/reg compare-and-branch tests
       new  329fc79   Add int/int reg/imm compare-and-branch tests
       new  3d4c22a   Add anti-float comparison tests
       new  a021c73   Add unordered float compare-and-branch tests
       new  0d0c6b1   Add flag-checking test-and-branch tests
       new  6dbad81   Add add-and-branch-on-overflow tests
       new  8a8273c   Add sub-and-branch-on-overflow tests
       new  281cca5   Add some nop and jmp tests, and fix a hazard with 
       new  bf4d8b4   Add push/pop test
       new  69665c7   Add abs/sqrt tests
       new  44fc164   Add truncr_[df]_[li] tests
       new  ece71ef   Add float/double cast inst tests
       new  bbb8bd9   Add int->float tests
       new  40ebd5d   Add movi_[df] tests
       new  998006b   Remove old tests
       new  b4169e2   get_temp_{gpr,xpr} returns a jit_{gpr,fpr}_t
       new  cacdeee   Implement arg shuffling for jit_call{i,r}
       new  99b4fd2   Provide some type safety for jit_gpr_t and jit_fpr_t
       new  573af9c   Clean up stack after calls
       new  985faf3   Replace GNU Lightning with Lightening
       new  d351f13   Add subdir-objects option to libguile makefile.
       new  f348b8e   Change headers and files to be named "lightening" instead 
of "jit"
       new  2e4fb1e   Merge in changes from upstream lightening
       new  e9be4ea   Adapt to lightning -> lightening name change
       new  22d0662   Allow users to pass custom allocators
       new  f9da599   Fix jit_reset to be useful
       new  9f22ec9   Merge from upstream Lightening

The 86 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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