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[Guile-commits] branch wip-exception-truncate updated (1f0e302c3 -> dc62

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-exception-truncate updated (1f0e302c3 -> dc624fd7e)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 09:41:06 -0400 (EDT)

lloda pushed a change to branch wip-exception-truncate
in repository guile.

 discard 1f0e302c3 Provide a hook for the exception printer
     add 98dff7a75 Mention package GNU Gperf in README.
     add c85724bd0 (ice-9 format): Fix scaling floats with leading zeros
     add 6be51f9bb Provide xxvector-copy and xxvector-copy! for srfi-4 vectors
     add 06de31ecb Fix doc typo
     add 3b42b1eb5 sxml: Make parser thread-safe.
     add b1bbafa50 Update NEWS.
     add 708df04f3 Update NEWS
     add a960d7869 Improve support for R6/R7 SRFI module name formats.
     add 492bd6388 Add support for arc
     add ab9c0c9ca Const qualify return of strerror
     add c5f443de7 Fix typos in SRFI docs
     add 1a8294f49 Fix bounds check in recvfrom!
     add ffb33fd66 module/system/base/target.scm: support riscv32
     add bf9d30f3c Limit the range of ash, round-ash count argument to INT32
     add c6b1171c6 Avoid ash with arguments that might overflow in (language 
cps types)
     add 24116be82 Fix brace style for bf9d30f3c3fd03cb37d604f1927e9ce5c699338b
     add 496f69dba Support C99 complex types in (system foreign)
     add a227c84a7 Refactor compile-bytecode
     add 4fcd643ad Refactor send and receive shuffles in slot allocation
     add 5c7638162 Allow callk to continue to kargs
     add dad113d80 Add new pass to optimize away return value count checks
     add 6f1b620b8 Add -Ooptimize-known-return-types at -O2
     add 0b136c309 Fix doc typo
     add 3badbb71c Mention package GNU Autopoint in README.
     add 6af3362b0 Support C99 complex types conditionally in (system foreign)
     add 5759e3718 New function srfi-4-vector-type-size in (srfi srfi-4 gnu)
     add dc7f1b403 Review REFFIXME
     add d70c1dbeb New function bitvector-copy (scm_bitvector_copy)
     add 0e505b703 Fix type confusion in heap-numbers-equal? calls from VM
     add 1148eb505 -Oresolve-free-vars pass gracefully handles failed autoloads.
     add 52e310a2a Avoid quadratic behavior in id-var-name
     add c768115d9 Add new integers.[ch]
     add 5321899b9 Implement odd? and even? with new integer lib
     add 44c654aa3 Implement abs with new integer lib
     add 31da9be6c Implement floor-quotient with new integer lib
     add 2e8036ff0 Implement floor-remainder with new integer lib
     add 8a6353745 Implement floor-divide with new integer lib
     add c1d8dd5e6 Implement ceiling-quotient with new integer lib
     add 55f93d7d2 Implement ceiling-remainder with new integer lib
     add 1e1b23022 Implement ceiling-divide with new integer lib
     add ff636774b Implement truncate-quotient with new integer lib
     add cbd62a0ef Implement truncate-remainder with new integer lib
     add f8a92773a Implement truncate-divide with new integer lib
     add 0ccdf06c8 Implement centered-quotient with new integer lib
     add 99b046d58 Implement centered-remainder with new integer lib
     add ccb78fc7b Implement centered-divide with new integer lib
     add 9a358a963 Implement round-quotient with new integer lib
     add b11464264 Implement round-remainder with new integer lib
     add 025c7c804 Implement round-divide with new integer lib
     add 1e0797db7 Implement gcd with new integer lib
     add 6fa9fcb31 Implement lcm with new integer lib
     add 4a380aa6a Implement scm_logand with new integer library
     add 7e85ffa82 Implement scm_logior with new integer library
     add 459163fca Implement scm_logxor with new integer library
     add 6298d7311 Implement scm_logtest with new integer library
     add 89cd48fca Implement scm_logbit_p with new integer library
     add b41714d27 Implement scm_lognot with new integer library
     add 2d5dc6a14 Implement scm_modulo_expt with new integer library
     add 3ad3ac740 Reimplement integer-expt in Scheme
     add 35861b28b Implement scm_ash with new integer library
     add 88f56e91a Implement scm_bit_extract with new integer library
     add 7ec40fe5b Implement scm_logcount with new integer library
     add 8b99ace65 Integer library takes bignums via opaque struct pointer
     add fc4228c19 Implement scm_integer_length with new integer library
     add fc36cd610 Implement integer-to-string with new integer library
     add 24ce3cedf Simplify scm_bigprint
     add ef5ade30f Build scm_integer_p on scm_is_integer, not vice versa
     add 44bee0851 Reimplement = on integer lib, clean up scm_num_eq_p
     add 54d772252 Clean up <, reimplement in terms of integer lib
     add f507c9738 positive?, negative? use integer lib
     add 281aed8aa Simplify implementation of min, max
     add 10953e067 Clean up scm_sum
     add c096670d3 Simplify scm_difference, use integer lib
     add 9179525a0 Simplify scm_product, use integer lib
     add 3e08c9cec Remove support for allowing exact numbers to be divided by 
     add 8b2d58b99 Clean up scm_divide
     add f2390e510 Fix deprecated bit-count* when counting 0 bits
     add 7c53325c3 Fix scm_integer_to_double_z to always round; clean ups
     add f4db3ca3f Reimplement scm_is_{un,}signed_integer for bignums
     add 27910181c Reimplement scm_from_int8 etc
     add 717e787da Reimplement scm_{to,from}_{int32,uint32}
     add 1802ed17b Reimplement scm_{to,from}_{int64,uint64}
     add 106c5de5f Implement scm_{to,from}_wchar inline
     add debcccc21 Remove unused conv-{u,}integer.i.c
     add 9a91c20a5 scm_to_mpz uses integer lib
     add 63a18a6c1 Reimplement exact-integer-sqrt with integers.[ch]
     add 124d88922 Refactor scm_sqrt in terms of integers.[ch]
     add f167627bb Expose frexp from integers lib
     add c06fc3df5 Remove dead bignum frexp code from numbers.c
     add 0754dbf3e divide2double refactor
     add a4524da8c Simplify scm_exact_integer_quotient
     add 3d56a9073 Remove last non-admin SCM_I_BIG_MPZ uses in numbers.c
     add 7029a9c49 Simplify magnitude, angle
     add 0c502a4d3 Use scm_integer_to_double_z in numbers.c instead of big2dbl
     add bdddef3cf Avoid scm_i_mkbig outside numbers.c.
     add 399d0c874 Start porting srfi-60 off the bad bignum interfaces
     add e78bcdc29 Finish srfi-60 port off old scm mpz API
     add a0765f564 scm_to_ipv6 uses scm_to_mpz
     add aa5455ea9 Bignums avoid both custom GMP allocator and finalizers
     add 443d23982 take_mpz optimization
     add eac47c3e4 Fix bug when making mpz from 0
     add 548122267 Re-rewrite integer-expt in C
     add d89f75c53 Optimize scm_integer_mul_zi
     add ad6811a12 Optimize scm_integer_mul_zz.
     add 272351371 Less pessimal scm_integer_sub_zi
     add cae8b3016 Start to optimize scm_integer_sub_iz
     add 95350aae8 Avoid bignum clone in scm_integer_sub_zz
     add cc52f01ab Optimize bignum add to avoid temporary allocations
     add 210ab8ff7 Optimize bignum subtraction
     add 2cf80ca23 Optimize scm_integer_mul_ii
     add 6fe43301a Optimize integer-expt for fixnums
     add 9e5aa173c Optimize logand against a positive inum
     add 6058d9e05 Simplify scm_abs for the real case
     add 4feff820b Don't use HAVE_COPYSIGN in libguile/numbers.c
     add 19bc021e3 Have log and log10(real nan) return real nan regardless of 
     add 222b32086 Remove dead code in scm_integer_inexact_sqrt_z
     add d01ab7bf5 Fix inlinable-exports bug for pure modules
     add 373f35b5f peval cross-module-inlining gracefully handles missing 
     add 6ed66f42c Add -ftlo support
     add 9b9149a5b Rework bootstrap to be reproducible
     add 9654ab1f2 Fix reproducibility for inlinable-exports
     add e933282f2 Prebuild fewer files
     add 54bbe0b28 Avoid source properties in psyntax
     add 62fc44e6e Slight bignum-fixnum multiplication optimization
     add 4e92f1d7c Update NEWS
     add 2ebf03970 Remove unused 'scm_i_c_make_symbol'.
     add 8e2e2ceb1 Deprecate symbol properties.
     add 7e3470343 NEWS fixup
     add 2f9bc7fe6 Update unicode tables to Unicode 14.0.0; initial charsets 
     add 032acdeac 'string->symbol' avoids copying the underlying string.
     add 2aed3c117 psyntax: Pass source vectors to tree-il constructors.
     add 2e10a1257 Align return type of scm_to_wchar with its declaration.
     add 27b86a6f3 Align argument type of scm_to_wchar with its declaration.
     add 3d6999329 Minor NEWS tweaks
     add 5319fd38e GNU Guile v3.0.8
     add e734a6a60 Exclude ChangeLog from assert-no-store-file-names distcheck 
     add 5a3086e68 Bump user-visible copyright years to 2022
     add 68aeffe8d Typo fix: Use correct variable name in example
     add 24b30130c build: When cross-compiling, get type sizes of the target 
     add a1a1400c7 Update NEWS.
     add c572b11f3 tests: Add read-syntax + syntax-source test.
     add 347321ece psyntax: Honor source properties for things other than 
syntax objects.
     add f047133e7 build: Test '-flto' on both compiler and linker.
     add f18f67022 tests: web-server: Wait until the server is listening.
     add 6e82a4516 Fix "non-revealed port is closed" ports.test
     add 63886aeda Reimplement '' in Awk.
     add 9f8e05e51 Create 'srfi-14.i.c' during build.
     add 446842733 Update NEWS.
     add cc4559768 Find unidata_to_charset.awk from commit 9f8e05e5 in 
     add 64449a835 'connect' handles EAGAIN like EINPROGRESS.
     add e8a41aee2 'module-define!' honors the 'module' parameter.
     add 158da6966 Allow (library ...) form in cond-expand inside R7RS 
     add e4e8afd6c Allow empty vendor string in GNU target triplets.
     add 01b686b70 Allow null bytes in UNIX sockets.
     add 445624575 Add missing #:modules argument for coverage-data->lcov.
     add 7e048c6c5 Update NEWS.
     add a84d8f647 web: send capitalized authorization header scheme
     add 9a3353a99 web: Handle ending CRLF (\r\n) for chunked input and output 
     add baa142433 web: Don't hide missing data in the chunked input port.
     add 6da4be170 Define IN6ADDR_ANY and IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK.
     add abd39f332 Define IPPROTO_IPV6 and IPV6_V6ONLY.
     add 8c976c6a1 Update NEWS.
     add 50d4b5020 Check for gperf at configure time
     new dc624fd7e Provide a hook for the exception printer

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (1f0e302c3)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/wip-exception-truncate (dc624fd7e)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omit" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discard" are gone forever.

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 GUILE-VERSION                                 |     6 +-                                   |     8 +-
 NEWS                                          |   248 +-
 README                                        |     2 +
 am/                               |   423 +-                                  |    86 +-
 doc/ref/api-control.texi                      |     4 +-
 doc/ref/api-data.texi                         |    92 +-
 doc/ref/api-foreign.texi                      |     7 +-
 doc/ref/api-procedures.texi                   |     4 +-
 doc/ref/api-utility.texi                      |     5 +-
 doc/ref/guile-invoke.texi                     |    15 +-
 doc/ref/libguile-program.texi                 |    10 +-
 doc/ref/posix.texi                            |    28 +-
 doc/ref/srfi-modules.texi                     |    84 +-
 doc/ref/web.texi                              |     3 +
 libguile/                          |    19 +-
 libguile/UnicodeData.txt                      | 34658 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
 libguile/bitvectors.c                         |    47 +
 libguile/bitvectors.h                         |     1 +
 libguile/bytevectors.c                        |    10 +-
 libguile/conv-integer.i.c                     |   148 -
 libguile/conv-uinteger.i.c                    |   121 -
 libguile/deprecated.c                         |   146 +-
 libguile/deprecated.h                         |    25 +-
 libguile/eq.c                                 |    17 +-
 libguile/foreign.c                            |    71 +
 libguile/foreign.h                            |     6 +
 libguile/gen-scmconfig.c                      |    32 +-
 libguile/init.c                               |     2 +-
 libguile/integers.c                           |  3424 +++
 libguile/integers.h                           |   238 +
 libguile/numbers.c                            |  5995 +---
 libguile/numbers.h                            |    32 +-
 libguile/posix.c                              |     4 +-
 libguile/random.c                             |    22 +-
 libguile/socket.c                             |    75 +-
 libguile/srfi-14.c                            |   117 +-
 libguile/srfi-14.i.c                          | 10011 -------
 libguile/srfi-4.c                             |    25 +-
 libguile/srfi-4.h                             |     2 +
 libguile/srfi-60.c                            |   206 +-
 libguile/strings.c                            |    32 +-
 libguile/strings.h                            |     7 +-
 libguile/symbols.c                            |    54 +-
 libguile/symbols.h                            |    11 +-
 libguile/unidata_to_charset.awk               |   417 +
 libguile/                |   404 -
 libguile/vectors.c                            |     5 +-
 meta/                             |    15 +-
 meta/                       |     4 +-
 module/                            |   404 +-
 module/ice-9/boot-9.scm                       |     4 +-
 module/ice-9/command-line.scm                 |     4 +-
 module/ice-9/format.scm                       |     4 +-
 module/ice-9/psyntax-pp.scm                   |   320 +-
 module/ice-9/psyntax.scm                      |   129 +-
 module/ice-9/r6rs-libraries.scm               |   130 +-
 module/ice-9/r7rs-libraries.scm               |     5 +-
 module/language/cps/compile-bytecode.scm      |   261 +-
 module/language/cps/contification.scm         |     9 +-
 module/language/cps/optimize.scm              |     2 +
 module/language/cps/reify-primitives.scm      |    20 -
 module/language/cps/return-types.scm          |   170 +
 module/language/cps/slot-allocation.scm       |   100 +-
 module/language/cps/types.scm                 |     4 +-
 module/language/cps/utils.scm                 |     8 +-
 module/language/cps/verify.scm                |    14 +-
 module/language/tree-il.scm                   |    19 +-
 module/language/tree-il/analyze.scm           |     8 +-
 module/language/tree-il/compile-cps.scm       |     2 +-
 module/language/tree-il/inlinable-exports.scm |    14 +-
 module/language/tree-il/peval.scm             |    10 +-
 module/language/tree-il/resolve-free-vars.scm |    36 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-4.scm                        |     3 +
 module/srfi/srfi-4/gnu.scm                    |   126 +-
 module/sxml/upstream/input-parse.scm          |     5 +-
 module/system/base/optimize.scm               |     7 +-
 module/system/base/target.scm                 |    14 +-
 module/system/base/types.scm                  |     4 +-
 module/system/foreign.scm                     |    24 +
 module/system/repl/common.scm                 |     4 +-
 module/system/vm/assembler.scm                |    14 +-
 module/system/vm/coverage.scm                 |    12 +-
 module/web/http.scm                           |    35 +-
 prebuilt/i686-pc-linux-gnu/        |     3 +-
 prebuilt/mips-unknown-linux-gnu/   |     3 +-
 prebuilt/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/ |     3 +-
 {bootstrap => stage0}/             |     3 +-
 {emacs => stage1}/                 |    10 +-
 {emacs => stage2}/                 |    13 +-
 test-suite/tests/00-socket.test               |    79 +-
 test-suite/tests/bitvectors.test              |    23 +-
 test-suite/tests/compiler.test                |    26 +-
 test-suite/tests/cross-compilation.test       |     4 +-
 test-suite/tests/foreign.test                 |     9 +-
 test-suite/tests/format.test                  |     8 +-
 test-suite/tests/numbers.test                 |    16 +-
 test-suite/tests/ports.test                   |     7 +-
 test-suite/tests/reader.test                  |    16 +-
 test-suite/tests/srfi-4.test                  |    41 +
 test-suite/tests/web-http.test                |    40 +-
 test-suite/tests/web-server.test              |    25 +-
 103 files changed, 42860 insertions(+), 16822 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 libguile/UnicodeData.txt
 delete mode 100644 libguile/conv-integer.i.c
 delete mode 100644 libguile/conv-uinteger.i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/integers.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/integers.h
 delete mode 100644 libguile/srfi-14.i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/unidata_to_charset.awk
 delete mode 100755 libguile/
 create mode 100644 module/language/cps/return-types.scm
 copy {bootstrap => stage0}/ (92%)
 copy {emacs => stage1}/ (76%)
 copy {emacs => stage2}/ (72%)

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