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Accounts on to be disable and eventually deleted.

From: B. W. Fitzpatrick
Subject: Accounts on to be disable and eventually deleted.
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 09:57:22 -0600

Logs on indicate that the following accounts have not
been accessed over the last 7 months by:

- ssh
- pop
- imap

So that tells me that these accounts can either 1) be disabled or
deleted, or 2) be converted to just a mail alias.

All accounts that are not spoken for by the end of January will have
their access disabled.  After another month or two, all disabled
accounts that have files in them will be backed up to CDROM, multiple
copies made and archived with several Chicago cooks, and then the
account files themselves will be deleted from sp.  /etc/passwd and
/etc/shadow accounts will also be removed at that time

*** PLEASE take the time to read through this list and respond to me.  ***

If there are any accounts that should NOT be disabled or deleted,
please notify me by January 31st

*** If there are any accounts that SHOULD be deleted, please notify me ***
*** by January 31st.  This will make housekeeping a LOT easier.        ***

If there is an account that needs a mail alias, either set that up
yourself or ask me to.


Adam Di Carlo   (adam)
Airlie Sattler  (airlie)
Andrew Cherry,Cummins Engine,812-377-7013,812-314-2364  (ajc)
Art Lyon              (art)
Ben Miller            (bdm)
Carl Muckenhoupt      (bmesmer)
Robert J. Chassell    (bob)
Bryan O'Sullivan      (bos)
david carlton, , ,(617)441-0422 (carlton)
Del Delson (Australia)          (del)
Charles Delwiche                (delwiche)
David Miller                    (dmiller)
Ulrich Drepper,ask roland       (drepper)
Paul Eggert        (eggert)
Michael Graff      (explorer)
Chris Colon        (ford)
Noah Friedman      (friedman)
Anthony Green      (green)
The Grigsbeast,,,  (grigsby)
Abigail Ann Davis  (guin)
Daniel Hagerty     (hag)
Ian Lance Taylor   (ian)
Greg Travis,,,     (jak)
Janette Soto,,,    (jsoto)
Kim Ekey           (kekey)
Kelvin Kwan        (kkwan)
Kennis Koldewyn,King 201,775-8424,775-5453      (kold)
Ulrich Kuehn         (kuehn)
Lefty Walkowiak      (leftus)
Dan Laliberte        (liberte)
Tom Lord             (lord)
Lydia Stromsen       (lydia)
Mikael Djurfeldt     (mdj)
Jim Meyering         (meyering)
Matt Press           (mpress)
Mandy Sha, for       (msha)
Marius Vollmer (mvo)
Nate Williams  (nate)
Niels Larsen   (niels)
Norbert Kiesel (nk)
Eric Mumpower  (nocturne)
Peter Wemm     (peter)
Peter M. Jaques,,,      (pjaques)
Pete Loshin,,,          (ploshin)
Public CVS Account      (pubcvs)
Rants (ask kfogel)      (rants)
Cormac (Xbattle -rcormac) Russell,Hell,x8424,7744720    (rcormac)
Rebecca Goldberg          (rebecca)
Robert Walsh,,,+353-1-977563    (rjwalsh)
Roland McGrath,NE43-426,+1 617 253 8568,        (roland)
Mark Galassi               (rosalia)
Sam Steingold,,,           (sds)
Scott Smyth                (smyth)
Steven J. Webb             (steve)
Samuel Tardieu             (tardieu)
Thomas Bushnell BSG,,E40-342D,31368,6230654     (tb) ftp (address@hidden),,,               (tchanftp)
Tom Tromey    (tromey)
Jon Trowbridge,,,       (trow)
Tim Pierce              (twp)
Karen Underhill         (underhill)
Y. Yang                 (yyang)

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