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FWD: Here's All Drugs. address@hidden . /V/alium ? v|@gRa ? At|address@h

From: Melania Grimmett
Subject: FWD: Here's All Drugs. address@hidden . /V/alium ? v|@gRa ? At|address@hidden ~ So+m+a ( Pnte/r/min ktjcv
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:24:55 +0600

We are your your convenient, safe and private online source for FDA approved pharmacy prescriptions.

Always Available: $ address@hidden , v|@GRa - /Valium/ , Som|a| $ Pnte.r.min ` At'|address@hidden

Plus: T:address@hidden|, U|address@hidden, L.3v|tra, Pr0.p3cia, Acy.c|0vir, address@hidden, address@hidden:l, address@hidden, Ad|pe`x, I0.nam|n, M3ridi.a, X3nica'|, Amb'i3n, S0naT`a, Fl3xe:ril, Ce|3'brex, Fi0ri`c3t

We fully comply with International law re: controlled drugs.

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