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Fwd: V1co\din ) V|a|lium ~ V1AgR@ # XAna/x/ Pnter:m:in < S:o:ma dkckkrus

From: noriko jacks
Subject: Fwd: V1co\din ) V|a|lium ~ V1AgR@ # XAna/x/ Pnter:m:in < S:o:ma dkckkrusmmug
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 00:39:13 -0300

Hi Guile,

All the prescription drugs we supply are manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies, are sealed to ensure purity and are despatched under plain cover to protect your confidential medical details.

When you need them fast: ? V1AGR@ ; , XA|n|ax . S+o+ma ? :P:ntermin > At.|address@hidden

Plus: U'|address@hidden, L3.v|tra, Pr0p3:cia, Acy:c|0vir, address@hidden, address@hidden, Bu'address@hidden, Ad|p:ex, I.0nam|n, M3ri`dia, X`3nica|, Am:bi3n, S:0naTa, Fl3x.eril, Ce|`3brex, Fi:0ric3t, Tram'@do|

Simple ordering system

All we can give, all you can get. Now.

Best Regards,

noriko jacks

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