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Newsletter #3858

From: Gwen Joseph
Subject: Newsletter #3858
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 20:33:37 -0100

SPdEHC.IAL A[L+EcR>T : (otcTbb: IPYFS) -- 30\0U% ga%ins eVx?pveFcytUed


T[hrirs URGENT I|NVESTORy BUL4LlETIN h]as bxeen s%eHnt outV to o3ur mnil$lionsc o?f subsclri,b.erfs I~MME{D/IATELY to aleloiw inves8t`orsh the opp^oTrtun~i|toy t/o ac\cu"mulna,t(e[ a su#bstanti9al positio1n in thisM g0rXeat s[t$o&ck. IOnst)acPa>y S_ystem(s, Inc.. (oWt.cbb:: IPPYS|) i]s the la;t&est: new p}i{crk, seat to reall^y move i;n near. fu)tuGr`e. T:his company\ d(eserpve8s yourS im%me,diXa0teJ atttFenteio]n.c Sto:ck M\ule Tea~m[ foeund7 a ne9w; wiKnn^er{ yUet again!+
#nvstaPraOy Syste=m-s, Inc., (oxtcbbv: IPYS[)
CurreCnt price $0.40
Suhort tGeQrm target $1.20
S.hort term gain 300%
IN,SKTjA}PAY +S|YSTEMSY Hig1hlight]s

NO COMPETITION - IPYS i_sn thle fiXrustE and only tran'sacti?on prooce#sXs8ing producLti$on s%ys%temS to< enable= I>nternet Merc"hafnts to a~ccept ATMA cardd (a"PIIN" debit) pay{men"ts= - TAhi>s& is a m+ultibil|lion market current\lyY, anBd the facst:e/st gZr/owing segment of t{he transac)tion; prTo%cessiJng ind}ustry.  Online creditc c!ard and elect!roni)c cheqckh purchases totaUled more t;han $9F0 Billion inz the US in 200f3.

MerchaDn)ts pay only' a< fQixedQ fee per transactio2n fo?r PxIN debit tra#ns'actVions%, asS op+p/ose/d t,o thre_ w\ayy cred91t card transacJtions are currently processneAd, as a pe!rcentageu of the dolLlar+ am:ount? o0f thie transacti]ons.: $ Me8rc}haents wi4ll save bil&lions in trpans4actIion+ pro~cessing fees pqaid to VI_SA, MC and other cr7edit card companiAes.

IP)YS dev$e%loped thoe encrypteVd proce!ss+in^g$ system enabl-ing tWhZe uste of ATM cards over the I^n*t)ernetp and owns the pa8tents+ top it a?s; wSell as theF gateway service for de[liv+erin]g th]is0 serv{ice over the InUtXernet.

The Company has a$lready/ idOentxifOied several% major credi)t cardK traynsaction processing prov%i3ders that arie vioDlart7ing the Com-pany8's patexnt and IPYS iFsz filing sReveryal civil law suits tFo collect the tens of& migllions due the Company bgy s|ome of tIh/e b;i;gges|t names5 in the proc\essing busi7neIss.

Many" large chaMin storueg merc.h_ajnLt(s are op&ting to l9ower th$e,ir el9ectronic t<ransac]tion proceSss`in^g9 costs by o;fferi_ng PIN- debit pBayment solutionOs to customers.X  In Febrpuary 20s04 Wal-+M+a)rt (NYSE#:WLMT) b"eNgan refCusing Maste^r+Card sig3nature de`bit cards and requ=ires custome?rs to enter t%heir PIN number, sav\ing the[ chain ten}s3 oof millionst aBnnuallayH.  IPYS own's tRh,e patenxts to this procesXs tvhat= Wal)mart's processors a:re usiBng.

EBvAY (N[ASD4AQ:EBAYn) acquijs%iOtion! of Pa)yPael4 for 1.5T Bil:lion tied themN i+n"tWo d,irec1t debit! prIocQes/s8invg for EBAY purc1hases( thi]s year.  DirecVt Debit proc6es|sti{ng is exp'ect\ed to ac.count forU 45% ogf all transactiXons by 20\05.!  IsPVY-S patents/ will a'llow theo compaBny tbo li&teDra|lly own thi[s{ mark~et.(

The StocNk Mlule4 T%eka<m c:an'tM predict a longb term target fCo>r IPY(S bec.auseg no one knows what wi<ll happen w3hen I&PYFS signs its next seBv!e>rSal l'arge= natio<nally{ based ch.ain stores t]o its tr_anKsactions! pr:oMces|sing sy`st4em. Thi's st1ock co&uld skyro)cket to $1$0.00 ov/e?rni&ghtM;B and then explode- beyonCd ou/r wildlest dream)s!  Thank yo0u for y#oiur*t aMn0d2 Keeep thRe Faith The Stock Mule Team

T\hcis prof]ile is not wiIthout b%iasy, a)nd is a. paid release. WrliWters a-nd ma;ilers hav}e been compens_aKted fo}r+ t!heF diAssemination of company infoYrm"ationg on behalf of one omr mMore of the co^mpanies mentioneVd in this release. Par"tie$s involYved in the2 creatio%n and distRribution of this p:rofi/le ha)veN been' comp)ensated 40,=000 dollars by a tJhird party (Uthird party), who iWs nonaffiliated*,B for se[rviNces provide:d inc"luding di\ssOeminaZtionJ of co~mpany i]nKfWormoatibon i&n th*is{ release. PR and other individ6uals and other creators and ma`iler'sO ofk this| lettekr will sell all oSf its orig7insal shares during the disRtributioYn ofP tOhi!s^ pQr{ofile[. Pa"r&ties i>nvJolved may immewdiately sell somNe oru any shares in a profcicled company held by profil]e" creaQtors and may have previobusly slold sh5ares in a profilBed company held bGy PR Individuals i;nvolved. Our OptiPna mailing servicesx fAor a company may c#ausFe thhe company$ stock pric'ea to increase,0 ins whi%ch ev&e%nt involved parties woul\d makem a profit whe6n it sells its stock in th-e compan(y. In addit}ion, our selli)ng of a company stock m"ay have a negat~ive eWff$ect on the market^ pri|ce of the} satock. The past p}rofile<s are ohnly the win/ner{s not all of^ our recoWmmendyations

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