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Degree without study

From: Marlon Rutledge
Subject: Degree without study
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 16:54:16 -0700

no degree no job
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no need study or test

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For sustained, controlled fusion reactions, a fission bomb obviously cannot be used to trigger the reaction. The difficulties of controlled fusion center on the containment of the nuclear fuel at the extremely high temperatures necessary for fusion for a time long enough to allow the reaction to take place. For deuterium-tritium fusion, this time is about 0.1 sec. At such temperatures the fuel is no longer in one of the ordinary states of matter but is instead a plasma , consisting of a mixture of electrons and charged atoms. Obviously, no solid container could hold such a hot mixture; therefore, containment attempts have been based on the electrical and magnetic properties of a plasma, using magnetic fields to form a “magnetic bottle.” Another method has used laser beams aimed at tiny pellets of fusion fuel.

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