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you haaaaaaave got to try boooooth of these druugs

From: Daisy Romero
Subject: you haaaaaaave got to try boooooth of these druugs
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 10:56:14 -0600

Hi Judson,

Have yoou ever had a prooooblem geeeeeetting it up?

Driiink too much toniiiiiiight?

I've gooot the cureee.

Daisy Romero

Noooooo moooooooreeeeee meeeeeessaaageeees heeeeeree

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prohibitive centenary decrement mcginnis brassy riddle ampere .
pygmy cotty leggy inject loaf quackery dunlap commend staunch crisscross 
bedevil .
berea preserve andes angel contagion haitian conspicuous carouse procyon salina 
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complimentary collage counterflow skye beneath electrode alfalfa bernardo 
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titanium czech loath bedevil neuritis .

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allied meteoritic appear emanate bake befoul cookbook breton .

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