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better InterestRates

From: Maricela Wilkerson
Subject: better InterestRates
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 06:45:12 +0300

Got B'ad Cr'edit?

Let us help you refi'nance your home.

- Lowest Inte'rest Ra'tes Avail'able'!
- Get a P're-App'roval in 48 hours for FREE
- Refin'ancing for the Se'lf-Empl'oyed
- Sa've $100-$400 per month and s'kip ONE pay'ment

Our ea'sy appli'cation only takes 1 minute.

Vi'sit He're To Start Sa'ving.

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Physical address

Falomo Office Complex
2nd Floor, Southern Wing
Uit D-E, Ikoyi - Lagos

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