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Andy Hot Week Picker, VCSC! Don't Miss It 2ber

From: Andy Falconer
Subject: Andy Hot Week Picker, VCSC! Don't Miss It 2ber
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 18:35:38 -0700

Don't miss this great investment issue! VCSC is another
hot public traded company that is set to soar on All Week!

VCSC announce huge news - Vocalscape Signs Letter of
Intent to Acquire 100% of NTELX, Inc.

Company released fantastic news and it is expected that the
demand is so high that VCSC stock price goes to 50-60 cents
by the end of the week!

BIG PR campaign starting immediately - Stock will explode
- Just read the news - Millions of people will receive the
positive news and PR information about VCSC during the
weekend :)

Next 3 days potential price:.71
Next 10 days potential price:.95

Get on Board with VCSC and enjoy some incredible profits
in the next 3-10 days! a_5f1x21C}(18mwJ6L

-------------Company Information-------------------------

About Vocalscape, Inc. 
Vocalscape, Inc. is an emerging developer of interactive
communication software. The Company has created software
and interactive solutions revolving around global
communications and Data Voice Convergence. Vocalscape
focuses on adding to customer's website and customer
support centers by integrating website solutions that
enable real human assistance, live interaction services
such as instant messaging, voice over the Internet (VoIP)
and interactive desktop solutions sharing solutions.

KATONAH, N.Y., Aug 20, 2004 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via
COMTEX/ -- Vocalscape, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VCSC.PK)
announced today that is has executed a Letter of Intent
to Acquire 100% of NTELX, Inc. 

Mr. Ron McIntyre, President of Vocalscape commented, "We
are very excited about acquiring NTELX. Unlike dedicated
Long Distance carriers, NTELX has been building network
hubs using their modern 'soft-switch' technology, allowing
customers to access multiple backbone providers. This
technology allows NTELX to build their business without
incurring debt payments that have crushed other providers
in the telecommunications industry." 

NTELX, Inc. is a private Ohio based Corporation that is
an emerging provider of Voice over the Internet (VoIP)
traffic management for International and United States
domestic carrier markets. Further, the company develops
reliable and cost-effective voice routes to destinations
all over the world for customers. The Company is developing
distribution plans for offering long distance services
directly to the United States business market utilizing
the latest VoIP access technologies. The owners of NTELX
are Mr. James K. Leedy, Sr. and Mr. Ronald M. Kellogg.
They have combined experience over forty five (45) years
in the consumer goods, technology markets and
telecommunications industry. Their previous company
Intergrated Communication Solutions, Inc.; a
telecommunications provider had revenue exceeding
$19,700,000 in 2003

Next 3 days potential price:.71
Next 10 days potential price:.95

Get on Board with VCSC and enjoy some incredible profits 
in the next 3-10 days, Get it Immediately! minnesota


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