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Victorious in a court battle is just the beginning

From: sabine payne
Subject: Victorious in a court battle is just the beginning
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 12:15:34 -0300
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Money Judgment Processor.
Finally one's own company.
Total work hours flexibility.
Many earning 5,000US to 12,000US per mo.
Professional customer support and assistance.
Here for more information or to stop receiving or to see our address.

Testimonial from Larry L. I initially started collecting judgments after
being laid off from my job as a bank auditor. From my previous job
experience, I knew what judgments were, however I had no idea of the
tremendous business they would provide me with. As I write this letter to
you, I have just collected another judgment, with my fee being 1,976.28. Not
bad at all for about 15 hours of work. So far this month, I have collected 4
judgments and have earned just over $6,000.  Thanks for helping me get
involved in this business. 

I'm going to feed you to the sharks--unless you promise to keep your mouth
shut, retorted the boy. Now, then; decide at once! Which will it be--sharks
or silence? I won't say a word--'pon my honor, I won't! said the sailor
All right; remember your promise and we'll have no further trouble,
remarked Rob, who had hard work to keep from laughing at the man's abject

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