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From: daysi castillo
Subject: Miracle
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 20:15:20 +0500
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Subject: Is Billina a girl? No; she's a yellow hen, and a great friend of mineno po 1200 oranjest aruba

He longed to recover this valuable weapon, and feared that at any moment the curious Turk would discover its use He held out his hand toward the tube, and tried to say, by motions, that he would show the fellow how to use itThe man seemed to understand, by he would not let the glittering instrument out of his possession Rob was almost in despair, when he happened to notice upon his hand the ruby ring given him by the chief
Drawing the jewel from his finger he made offer, by signs, that he would exchange it for the tube The Turk was much pleased with the idea, and nodded his head repeatedly, holding out his hand for the ring
Rob had little confidence in the man's honor, but he was so eager to regain the tube that he decided to trust him So he threw the ring to the top of the wall, where the Turk caught it skilfully; but when Rob held out his hand for the tube the scoundrel only laughed at him and began to scramble to his feet in order to beat a retreat
Chance, however, foiled this disgraceful treachery, for in his hurry the Turk allowed the tube to slip from his grasp, and it rolled off the wall and fell upon the sand at Rob's very feet The robber turned to watch its fall and, filled with sudden anger, the boy grabbed the weapon, pointed it at his enemy, and pressed the button
Down tumbled the Turk, without a cry, and lay motionless at the foot of the wall
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