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Noelle get a free mooortgaage-quoote

From: Evelyn Vinson
Subject: Noelle get a free mooortgaage-quoote
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:25:13 -0600


This is just a follllow-up to the eeemail we sent you a couple weeeks ago, because you now quualiify for a new moooort gaaage.
You could get $310,000 for as litttttle as $696 a moooonth!
Baaad creediit is no problem, you can pulll ca$h out or ree f iinance.

Pleeeease cliick on this liiiink for freee coooosultation by a mooortgggage broookeeeer:

Talk to you soon,
Evelyn Vinson


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