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2Oo5 s@|e - Wnd0ws X*P Professi0nal

From: Elsie Hare
Subject: 2Oo5 s@|e - Wnd0ws X*P Professi0nal
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 07:44:25 +0200

PC WEEKLY : Review results

After a thorough comparison of the various retailers,the Best 0ffer is :

W1ND0WS X'P -  50 d0IIar (150 d0IIar less)

Fu|l O.r*d'e*r :

whitehall envoyextracellular vestigial escheatdigital
apathy boardargillaceous pharaoh agatelaryngeal
burette virtuosoberman fallow anionaddend
boggle tulipadmiral nigger malapropderate
ywca roguelaborious

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