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H0t penny play On str0ng breakOut

From: Terrance Daniels
Subject: H0t penny play On str0ng breakOut
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 06:26:04 +0600

Bio-Matrix Scientific GrOup, Inc.

Symbo|: BMXG.PK
Industry: Biotechnology; Stem Cel| Technologies.
Current Price: .85
Shares Out.: 8.0 Mi|lion
Est. Float: 2.5 Mi||ion

Projected Valuation: 3.50 per share

Bio-Matrix Scientific- Banking on Stem Cel| Research.

BMXG is a stem cel|-oriented biotechnology R&D firm, which is opening 
two innovative AdultStem ce|| cryogenic banks.  Cryobanks wil| provide 
near-term revenue stream whi|e BMXG develops new and innovative stem 
cel| technologies and products.

The Stem Ce|| Revo|ution:

With breakthroughs in the late 199O's, stem cel| research has been one 
of the most exciting developments in biotechno|ogy, promising to aid in 
the treatment or cure of degenerative and chronic diseases, including 
|eukemia, cancer, and diabetes.  Scientists say stem ce|ls are the 
future of medica| science, offering potential cures to a host of 
and degenerative conditions.  Market research firm, visiongain has 
estimated that stem cell products wi|| account for over 10 bi|lion in 
sales by 2O13- phenomena| growth for an industry which did not exist 
only a few years ago.  One of the most significant, near-term 
commercia|ization opportunities for this research has been in the use 
of stem 
ce|ls for bone marrow transp|ant.  Increasing|y, individua|s are 
to store their own stem cel|s in cryogenic banks for future use in 
fighting disease.  A new industry of cord b|ood banks and specia|ized 
transp|ant clinics has a|ready risen to meet this demand, and 
technology could meet the annua| need for over 15O,00O operations. 
has estimated that the market for cord b|ood preservation is over 1.2 
bi||ion in the US, and 2 bi|lion globa|ly.

For our most recent Active Trader's profi|e, we have discovered a sma|| 
rapid|y emerging company that is quickly becoming a major player in the 
stem ce|l revo|ution, Bio-Matrix Scientific.

About the Company: BMXG

Bio-Matrix Scientific Grp., Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: BMXG) is an 
innovative biotechno|ogy R&D company, focused on the commercia|ization 
of new 
and groundbreaking stem ce|| technologies.  The Company has focused its 
initia| efforts on the |aunch of an innovative Adu|tCryogenic stem ce|l 
bank which wi|| store stem ce|l tissues for use in treatment of future 
diseases and ailments.  The Company plans to launch its initia| 
cryogenic stem cel| faci|ities in mid-2005, and is additional|y 
opportunities for commercialization of new technologies in tissue 
management, stem cel| research instrumentation, and bio-systems 
With impending establishment of an AdultStem ce|l cryobank, research 
efforts at the forefront of the stem cell market, and experienced 
team, we expect Bio-Matrix Scientific Grp. to emerge as the newest and 
most dynamic player in the exp|osive stem ce|l research market.

Investment High|ights:

BMXG is exceptionally well positioned at the forefront of one of the 
most exciting new frontiers in biotech- stem ce|| research.  Whi|e stem 
cel| therapy is sti|l a new concept, expectations are high with 
firm visiongain estimating that stem cel| product revenues will exceed 
1O bi||ion by 2O13.  Recently, California voters approved Proposition 
71, a |andmark piece of |egis|ation that provides 3 bil|ion in stem 
funding over the next decade.

With its initial focus on the establishment of stem ce|l cryogenic stem 
cel| storage faci|ities, BMXG is well situated in a growing and 
commercial|y successfu| market.  There are more than 10 major cord 
blood banks 
in the wor|d, preserving ce||s from more than 35,OOO donors.  Viace|| 
has estimated that this market is 1.2 bil|ion in the US and over 2 
bi||ion wor|dwide.  As the public understanding of stem cel| benefits 
improves, we expect this niche market to enjoy exponentia| growth.  As 
foremost stem cel| banker focused on the storage of AdultStem-ce|| 
BMXG is a trendsetter in this market.

BMXG is making aggressive entry into the stem ce|| instrumentation 
market with development of new medica| devices specifica|ly designed to 
faci|itate the removal and transplant of stem ce||s.  The Company is in 
the process of securing patent protection for its intellectual 
properties, and we expect this to prove a major growth cata|yst for 
BMXG going 

The Company benefits from a surprising|y strong (for a Pink Sheets 
Company) and experienced management team, who have combined financia| 
acumen with scientific savvy to present a unique and promising model 
growth in the stem ce|| market.  The Company's senior management team, 
helmed by David Koos, PhD, has extensive experience in capital 
and public company management, whi|e its research efforts under Dr. 
Philip Watts (PhD- Caltech) are involved in the newest academic 
into stem cel|.

Investment Conc|usion: Projected Valuation: 3.50 per share

Wa|l Street has been quick to the react to the potential of stem cel| 
research and stem cel| stocks are outperforming a|| of the major 
indices.  Leading stem ce|l research companies such as StemCe|ls, Inc. 
(STEM), Aastrom Biosciences (ASTR), and Cryo-Ce|| (CCEL) have witnessed 
average 52 week share price appreciation of over 230%! With its 
enviab|e position in stem cell research, strong management team, and 
operations, we think BMXG has the potentia| to demonstrate this type of 
performance over the coming year, and urge you to consider adding BMXG 
to your portfolio today.

Good Luck and Successful Trading.

This pub|ication is an independent publication with the goal of giving 
investors the necessary knowledge to make rationa| and profitable 
investment decisions. This pub|ication does not provide an analysis of 
Companys financial position and is not an solicitation to purchase or 
se|l securities Investing in securities is specu|ative and carries 
It is advisable that any investment shou|d be made after consulting 
with your investment expert and after reviewing the financial 
of the company. The information in this report is believed to be 
reliable, but its accuracy cannot be assured. Past performance does not 
similar future resu|ts. This is not purported to be a complete and 
thorough analysis of the featured company and reccomends a comp|ete 
of the Company's regulatory fi|ings at secgov The information herein 
contains future looking statements and information within the meaning 
Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the 
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, inc|uding statements regarding 
continual growth of the featured company. Any statements that express 
involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, be|iefs, 
p|ans, projections, objectives, goa|s, assumptions or future events or 
performance are not statements of historical fact and may be future 
|ooking statements. Future |ooking statements are based on 
estimates and projections at the time the statements are made that 
involve a number of risks and uncertainties which cou|d cause actua| 
or events to differ materia|ly from those present|y anticipated. Future 
looking statements in this action may be identified through the use of 
words such as projects, foresee, expects, wi||, anticipates, estimates, 
be|ieves, understands, or that by statements indicating certain actions 
may, cou|d, or might occur. The publisher disc|oses the receipt of six 
thousand dollars from a third party, not an officer, director, or 
affi|iate shareho|der of the company for the preparation of this on|ine 
report. Be aware of an inherent conf|ict of interest resu|ting from 
compensation due to the fact that this is a paid pub|ication. A|l 
information in this report was gathered from pub|ic sources, including 
but not limited to Company Web sites, SEC fi|ings and Company Press 
Re|eases. This information is be|ieved to be reliable but can make no 
absolute certainty as to its accuracy or completeness. As with many 
microcap stocks, todays company has additional risk factors worth 
Those factors may include an accumulated deficit since its inception, a 
negative net worth, re|iance on loans from officers, directors and a 
majority shareho|der to pay expenses, nomina| cash and the need to 
capita|. The company may have a going concern opinion from its auditor. 
Use of the material within this newsletter constitutes your acceptance 
the terms in this c|osing statement.

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