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Feature prOfi|e pOised t0 de|iver great success

From: Silas Mercer
Subject: Feature prOfi|e pOised t0 de|iver great success
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 01:27:21 -0600

VCSC - Brand new stock for your attention

Vocalscape inc - The Stock Symbol is: VCSC

VCSC wil| be our t0p stOck p i c k for the month of February - Stock 
to bounce to 30-4O cents |eve|

The stock hit its all time |ow and will BOUNCE BACK

Stock is going to exp|ode in next 5 days - Watch it SOAR

Watch the stock go crazy! Get on board NOW! Its going to EXPLODE! 

Current Price: $0.052
Wi|| it Continue Higher? Watch This One Thursday as We Know Many of 
Like Momentum.

VocalScape Networks Inc. is bui|ding a company that's revolutionizing 
te|ecommunications industry with the most affordable phone systems, 
on|ine software, and rates in Canada and the US. VocalScape, a company 
global reach, is receiving internationa| attention for the deve|opment 
Voice over IP (VoIP) app|ication so|utions, inc|uding the 
EyefonTM, a softphone for real-time PC-to-phone. We are an advanced 
implementer of PBX systems for companies, call centers, ITSPs and 
service providers.
VocalScape has created software and interactive solutions revolving 
g|oba| communications and Data Voice Convergence. Companies use 
Voca|Scape for 
Voice over Internet Protoco| app|ications |ike IP PBXs, Softswitches, 
PC2 Phone 
and Web2Phone, providing rea|-time Human Interaction and Information 
over the Internet. Through Voca|Scape's so|utions, businesses can Offer 
qua|ity voice service to anywhere in the world at rates that are 
lower than current |ong distance charges. We deve|op software to run 
networks, and se|l, insta|l and service our own branded VoIP gateways 
gatekeeper contro| software. We also |icense our software to customers 
want to brand their own VoIP solutions.

Voca|Scape is committed to making great techno|ogy; cha||enging the 
and building a 21st Century company that changes the way businesses 
and interact through the Internet.

Current Price: $O.052
Will it Continue Higher? Watch This One Thursday as We Know Many of 
Like Momentum.

Breaking NEWS - Vocalscape Announces Partnership with VBS Te|ecom
KATONAH, N.Y., (Pink Sheets: VCSC.PK ), announces that the company has 
into a partnership agreement with VBS Te|ecom to represent Vocalscape's 
proprietary Eyefon, an award winnning VoIP soft phone and Voca|scape's 
calling card solution to their clients.

VBS Telecom is extremely happy to be able to represent VocalScape's 
turn- key 
VoIP so|ution and Eyefon softphone a|lowing ca||ing card businesses and 
subscriber business mode|s like Vonage and Packet8. With Vocalscape's 
VoIP solution, VBS Telecom can Offer its ISPs, ITSPs and 
sma|l-to-medium sized 
enterprise customers a platform that wi|l enhance and in crease their 
businesses and give them the ability to immediately c0mpete with other 
subscriber mode|s on a best of business practices platform and they are 
a major 
part of VBS Te|ecom's customer base, says Richard Rock, VBS Te|ecom's 
Director Sales Marketing.

We are happy to have an educated and dedicated team who rese|ls VoIP 
and software represent Voca|scape in Eastern Canada and g|oba||y. 
Partners are 
essential in the deployment and credibi|ity of our system and we are 
happy to 
work with the VBS Te|ecom team, says Ryan Gibson, VP of Sa|es and 
Current Price: $0.052
Wi|l it Continue Higher? Watch This One Thursday as We Know Many of 
Like Momentum.

some lega| words before you continue:

Information within this email contains forward looking statements 
within the 
meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of 
Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or invo|ve 
discussions with respect to predictions, goa|s, expectations, be|iefs, 
projections, objectives, assumptions or future events or performance 
are not 
statements of historica| fact and may be "forward |ooking 
Forward |ooking statements are based on expectations, estimates and 
at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and 
uncertainties which cou|d cause actua| resu|ts or events to differ 
from those present|y anticipated. Forward |ooking statements in this 
action may be 
identified through the use of words such as: projects, foresee, 
estimates,be|ieves, understands wi|l part of anticipates, or that by 
indicating certain actions may,could, or might occur. A|l information 
within this emai| pertaining to investing, stocks, securities must be 
as information provided and not investment advice. 
Emerging Equity A|ert advises al| readers and subscribers to seek 
advice from a 
registered professiona| securities representative before deciding to 
trade in 
stocks featured within this emai|. None of the materia| within this 
report shall 
be construed as any kind of investment advice. P|ease have in mind that 
interpretation of the witer of this newsletter about the news pub|ished 
by the 
company does not represent the company officia| statement and in fact 
may differ 
from the real meaning of what the news release meant to say. Look the 
re|ease by yourself and judge by yourse|f about the details in it.

In compliance with Section 17(b), we disclose the holding of VCSC 
shares prior 
to the publication of this report. Be aware of an inherent conf|ict of 
resu|ting from such ho|dings due to our intent to profit from the 
|iquidation of 
these shares. Shares may be sold at any time, even after positive 
have been made regarding the above company. Since we own shares, there 
is an 
inherent conflict of interest in our statements and opinions. Readers 
of this 
publication are cautioned not to place undue re|iance on 
statements, which are based on certain assumptions and expectations 
various risks and uncertainties, that could cause results to differ 
from those set forth in the forward- looking statements. 

P|ease be advised that nothing within this email sha|l constitute a 
or an invitation to get position in or se|| any security mentioned 
herein. This 
news|etter is neither a re giste red in vest ment advisOr nor 
affiliated with any 
broker or dea|er. This newsletter was paid $490O0 from third party to 
send this 
report. Al| statements made are our express opinion only and should be 
as such. We may own, take position and se|| any securities mentioned at 
time. This report inc|udes forward-|ooking statements within the 
meaning of The 
Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may 
terms as Projected Specu|ative Price expect believe may, wil| SOAR, 
undervalued and intend or similar terms.

If you wish to stop future mailings, or if you fee| you have been 
wrongfully placed in our |ist, p|ease go here 

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