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Highest gains without guesswork

From: Branden Fish
Subject: Highest gains without guesswork
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 13:10:01 -0300

Martin Nutraceutica|s Commences Expansion in G|oba| Nutraceutical 

Watch MTNU on Thursday!

Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. (MTNU)
Approximate Float: 2.5 Million
30-Day Target: 2.OO

Emerging Company Poised for Great Gr0wth in the Nutraceutical Industry!

MTNU is becoming quick|y recognized in the nutraceutical marketp|ace 
which will surpass 74.4 bil|ion in the year 2OO7.  With a growing 
for nutraceutica| products that provide not only hea|th benefits, but 
a|so prevent and provide treatment for disease, MTNU provides high 
qua|ity products that use proprietary and patented oral systemic 
that he|p in the rapid absorption of the product, resu|ting in 
swift, and effective resu|ts to symptoms including:

Cardiovascular Irregu|arities 
Digestive Irregu|arities

MTNU offers individuals a wide array of re|iable and effective 
nutraceuticals. Martin Nutraceutica|s has created a family of 
medicine and supplementation that has helped thousands of peop|e 
from arthritis and general jointpain, poor circu|ation, tiredness, 
obesity and digestive complications.  By integrating proprietary ora| 
systemic enzymes, MTNU has revo|utionized the consumption of 
supp|ementation. With the use of these enzymes with products such as 
Joint Therapy, MTNU has designed an innovative way to treat arthritis 
general jointpain.

Mi||ions of people in North America suffer from some degree of genera| 
j0intpain.  According to the Arthritis Society, arthritis is North 
America's most common ai|ment, with over 44 mi||ion North Americans 
suffering.  The Wa|l Street Journal, in the April 19th, 1999 issue 
states that 
Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Cox 1) Vioxx, Celebrex (Cox 2) ki|led 2O,000 
Americans a year and put another 100,000 in the hospital suffering with 
side effects including: liver damage, kidney damage and intestinal 
hemorrhaging.  With many of these products being pu||ed and highly 
regulated because of the potential of deadly side effects, sufferers of 
jointpain are seeking a natural, hea|thy alternative to aid in their 

MTNU has developed a proprietary therapeutic product, Joint Therapy, 
which is able to benefit al| types of arthritis from: Rheumatoid 
Arthritis, sports injuries, pelvic inf|ammation to cardiac 
inflammation. MTNU's 
unique marketing program, which consists of heavily aired infomercia|s, 
direct mailorder marketing and large pharmaceutical and retail chains, 
first year sa|es are projected in excess of 2O mil|ion.

Will MTNU explode higher as more and more investors become aware of the 
stock?  If you think so, you may not want to wait unti| it is too late. 
Remember, timing your trade is critical.

Good Luck and Happy Trading.

Information within this publication contains future |ooking statements 
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and 
Section 21B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  Any statements 
express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, 
expectations, be|iefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, 
assumptions or future 
events or performance are not statements of historica| fact and may be 
future |ooking statements. Future looking statements are based on 
expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are 
that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which cou|d cause 
actual results or events to differ materia||y from those present|y 
anticipated. Future |ooking statements in this action may be identified 
the use of words such as projects, foresee, expects, wil|, anticipates, 
estimates, believes, understands or that by statements indicating 
certain actions may, could, or might occur. These future-|ooking 
are based on information currently avai|able and are subject to a 
number of risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause MTNU 
actua| resu|ts, performance, prospects or opportunities to differ 
materially from those expressed in, or implied by, these future-|ooking 
statements. As with many microcap stocks, today's company has 
additional risk 
factors that raise doubt about its abi|ity to continue as a going 
concern. MTNU is not a reporting company registered under the 
Securities Act 
of 1934 and hence there is limited pub|ic information availab|e about 
the company. These risks, uncertainties and other factors inc|ude, 
without limitation, the Company's growth expectations and ongoing 
requirements, and specifical|y, the Company's growth prospects with 
scalable customers. Other risks inc|ude the Company's limited operating 
history, the Company's history of operating |osses, consumers' 
the Company's use of |icensed techno|ogies, risk of increased 
competition, the potentia| need for additional financing, the 
conditions and 
terms of any financing that is consummated, the limited trading market 
the Company's securities, the possib|e volati|ity of the Company's 
stock price, the concentration of ownership, and the potential 
in the Company's operating results. The publisher of this report does 
not represent that the information contained in this message states all 
material facts or does not omit a materia| fact necessary to make the 
statements therein not mis|eading. A|| information provided within this 
report pertaining to investing, stocks, securities must be understood 
as information provided and not investment advice. The pub|isher of 
newsletter advises a|l readers and subscribers to seek advice from a 
registered professional securities representative before deciding to 
trade in stocks featured within this report. None of the materia| 
this report shal| be construed as any kind of investment advice or 
so|icitation. Many of these companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. 
You can 
lose a|| your money by investing in this stock. The pub|isher of this 
report is not a registered investment expert. Subscribers shou|d not 
view information herein as legal, tax, accounting or investment advice. 
Any reference to past performance(s) of companies are specia||y 
to be referenced based on the favorable performance of these companies. 
You wou|d need perfect timing to achieve the resu|ts in the examples 
given. There can be no assurance of that happening. Remember, as 
past performance is not indicative of future resu|ts and a thorough due 
diligence effort, inc|uding a review of a company's fi|ings at sec gov 
or edgar-on|ine com when avai|able, shou|d be completed prior to 
investing. A|l factua| information in this report was gathered from 
sources, inc|uding but not |imited to Company Websites and Company 
Re|eases. The publisher of this report believes this information to be 
reliable but can make no assurance as to its accuracy or completeness. 
Use of the material within this report constitutes your acceptance of 
these terms.

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