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Improved exercise performance and tolerance

From: eleonor wood
Subject: Improved exercise performance and tolerance
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:22:25 +1000
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After rolling over he found that he had been lying upon a sharp stone that stuck out of the earth This gave him an idea

He rolled upon the stone again and began rubbing the rope that bound him against the sharp edgeOutside he could hear the crackling of fagots and the roar of a newly-kindled fire, so he knew he had no time to spare It can be debated which design appropriately examines the clinical interpretation of synergism studies comparing same or different lactams Synergism has been defined as a 2 log10 or greater reduction in bacterial count with the combination versus that with each of the agents alone 86 In studies comparing the same lactam this is directly tested but the effect of increasing the antibiotic spectrum cannot be separated from a synergistic effect
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