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Here it is

From: Noe
Subject: Here it is
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 18:19:50 +0300
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Listen up, guess what I just found out, according to the lastest health
news, America is the fattest country. 

Does this fact sound familiar! The time is now to change, get back into

Check us out at

Don't worry you won't need to buy or purchse anything from us. ;-)

Regarding the West Bank, Bush said the peace plan ``clearly says no
expansion of settlements. And we'll continue to work with Israel on their

The bus from Srinagar, seen off  Seven of the pass 

Iraq's presidential council was sworn in Thursday and named Shiite Arab
Ibrahim al-Jaafari as interim prime minister, the country's most powerful
position, giving Iraq its first freely elected government in 50 years and
further consolidating the postwar power shift. 
It's been a rough week for you and your honey, I know. Prince Charles is
said to be mighty peeved that the wedding had to be postponed for a day so
that he could go to the pope's funeral. (What, they can't hold funerals on
Thursday at the Vatican?) All the papers were blathering on about it:
"Camilla's Big Day Is Jinxed," blared the headline in the Daily Express. "No
Wedding and a Funeral," chortled the Daily Mirror. 

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