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Zero-out your C A R D account balance

From: susana warren
Subject: Zero-out your C A R D account balance
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:40:03 +1100
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Bring the calls to a dead stand still using lawful methods.

We have pioneered an advanced system of proven strategies that will cause
the collectors to leave you alone for good

Our D E B T termination system has legally stopped M I L L I O N S  of $$
worth of liabilities from being collected.

Additional info or to un-register or to see our address.

You will then understand something of my electrical powers. They followed
him at once, although with unbelieving faces, and on the way Rob clasped the
little machine to his left wrist, so that his coat sleeve nearly hid it
When they reached the lawn at the back of the house Rob kissed them all
good-by, much to his sisters' amusement, and turned the indicator of the
little instrument to the word up

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