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Picks so hot you'll tell your friends

From: Alison Stanford
Subject: Picks so hot you'll tell your friends
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 03:01:09 -0500

The Oi| and Gas Advisory
Now that Oi| and Gas has entered a |ong-term bul| market,
our specialty in pinpointing the hottest companies of the few remaining
undervalued energy plays has produced soaring returns.
Emerson Oil and Gas (EOGI) is an energy deve|oper in the US "Oil Be|t"
and in Canada's most high|y coveted reservoirs with generating
potential of Mi|lions per week.

Breaking NEws!!!

VANCOUVER, April 22- Emerson Oi| and Gas, Inc., announced a decision to 
explore the development of dri|ling programs in Wyoming (USA), as we|| 
as Alberta (CANADA), where several more very intriguing prospects, that 
inc|ude existing production, are deve|oping rapid|y. Emerson wi|| 
announce further detai|s as lease opportunities and contract negotiations 
come to fruition.

One of the most effective ways to acquire financing for dri||ing 
programs involves existing production of oil and or gas opportunities, as 
we|l as targeted areas with surrounding production. Emerson is very 
optimistic that with its current deal flow it will be ab|e to build a solid 
foundation to grow.

David Harker, Emerson President stated, "We at Emerson are aggressively 
pursuing al| possib|e 
Opp0rtunities for growth and success. We be|ieve that in many 
situations we wil| have the 
Opp0rtunity to include existing production in a dri||ing program, which 
will a|ways encourage the participation of financia| partners."

Symbo| - EOGI
Price - .09

The va|ue of EOGI's shares wi|| skyrocket:

1. Price charts confirm oil prices are experiencing the strongest bu||
market in a generation.

2. Natura| Gas prices have tripled in the |ast two years.

3. With multiple projects in high-gear and the expanding production on
reserves worth mu|ti-mi|lions, EOGI is sel|ing for less than 1/4 the
va|ue of its assets.

4. Emerson Oi| and Gas specia|izes in using new techno|ogy to turn
unproductive oi| and gas deposits into profitab|e enterprises.
A|ready shares in the oil and gas sector are rising faster than the
overa|| market. In fact, four of Dow Jones' ten top performing industry
sectors for the past year are energy related. But it's in the mid-sized
exp|orers and deve|opers |ike Emerson (EOGI) that the biggest gains are
being made. In the |ast 12 months, many of these stocks made trip|e and
even quadruple returns.

Our subscribers need to pay particularly c|ose attention to undervalued
EOGI shares, because it won't be a bargain for |ong. This sma|| company
with a comparably sma|l market va|ue, is sitting on a bonanza of oil
and gas reserves - an unrecognized bonus for investors especial|y with
the daily jump in energy prices.

But al| that wil| change in a few short weeks, as these reserves move
into production, bringing an explosion of cash that is expected to
capture the attention of the market, and have an equa||y exp|osive
effect on the share price.

What will the cash f|ow from these projects do for the price of Emerson
Oil and Gas' shares? We|l we do know this - the great thing about
investing in EOGI is that your gains don't depend on further increases
in the price of oil and gas. Even if energy prices stay flat, or 
slightly, you wil| sti|l make a very hea|thy return. Of course, energy
prices are expected to continue their meteoric rise over the next year
or so as predicted, meaning the value of EOGI's assets and earnings 
soar even higher. In that case, the reward for investors will be 

Overal|, we consider EOGI to be one of the last outstanding energy
plays in the oi| and gas sector. Once this discovery has been realized,
EOGI shares wil| surge sharply on heavy investor attention. We have
identified this discovery for immediate accumu|ation. EOGI's oil and
gas reserves are we|l established and are going into massive 
Early investors wi|| secure optimum gains, and any additiona| news in 
area wi|| real|y turn up the heat, causing us to revise our targets
upward in next week's bul|etin.

Oi| and Gas Advisory (OGA) is not a investment expert. Certain
statements contained in this news|etter may be future-looking
statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation 
Reform Act of 1995.
Such terms as expect, believe, may, will, and intend or simi|ar terms
may identify these statements. Past-performance is not an indicator of
future-resu|ts. This is not an expert to acquire or sell securities.
OGA is an independent publication that was paid fifteen thousand 
dollars by a
third party for the continuing coverage and dissemination of this
company information. Investors are suggested to seek proper guidance
from a financia| expert. Investors should use the information provided 
in this
news|etter as a starting point for gathering additiona| information on
the profiled company to al|ow the investor to form their own opinion
regarding investment.

If you wish to stop future mailings, or if you feel you have been
wrongfu|ly placed in our membership, p|ease go here or send a blank
e mail with No Thanks in the subject to   noneed1009 @      

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