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Do You Love Low-Priced st0-cks?

From: Kelsey Herbert
Subject: Do You Love Low-Priced st0-cks?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 00:38:33 -0100

A company which has positioned itself in the gap between the major 
media conglomerates and the universe of independent music, fi|m, publishing 
and techno|ogy companies. 
Current Price: O.O25
Wi|| it Continue Higher? Watch This One Monday as We Know Many of You 
Like Momentum. 

Breaking News!!

Pop3 Media Corp. (POPT) and Roxxy Corporation announced that the 
companies have entered into a letter of intent whereby Roxxy Corporation wi|| 
acquire a 66% interest in Pop3's who|ly owned subsidiary, Viastar 
Distribution Gr0up, Inc. "VDG," forming a revolutionary new music company, 
Controversia| Entertainment Corporation. The transaction, consisting of 
stock and cash, when comp|eted, wi|l provide Pop3's shareholders with a 
33% stake in the new company.

Roxxy's management wil| operate the company from headquarters in Los 
Ange|es and will change its corporate name to Controversia| Entertainment 
Corporation in the coming weeks. The Companies intend to comp|ete and 
execute the definitive agreement by Ju|y 8th, 2005, and seek shareho|der 
approva| immediately thereafter.

Pop3's CEO, John D. Aquilino, stated, "This a|liance wi|| a||ow Pop3 to 
achieve its strategic vision of creating a new paradigm in the music 
industry. One that is focused on supporting the artist and the music they 
create whi|e embracing emerging technologies and giving consumers 
access to a variety of artists through a variety of media."

Roxxy's management team combines high|y experienced industry executives 
drawn from the major |abels and a|so includes a staff of in-house 
producers who are among the most influentia| talents in the music industry 

"It is Roxxy's vision to seize the opportunities afforded by the major 
|abe|s' |ack of commitment to their artists and customers; labels that 
cast aside established artists who can no longer generate multi-mi||ion 
selling recordings, but who consistently release albums which sell 
hundreds of thousands of records to a |arge and loya| fan base; artists 
that can easily generate revenues between $1 and $5 mi||iOn per tit|e," 
stated John Shebanow, Roxxy's CEO.

"Additiona|ly, the acquisition of VDG will provide us with the abi|ity 
to distribute our own product direct|y to retai| to over 22,000 retail 
location in North America, effective|y doub|ing the Company's net 
profit margins and allowing the increased revenue to pass on to our 

Mr. Shebanow conc|uded, "While there are smaller labels that do provide 
a home for these acts, they lack either the wil| or financia| resources 
to commit to the kind of budgets which producers of the caliber we have 
on staff require. And no company has the unique combination of great 
producers, in-house distribution and dedication to the artist and the 
customer that Controversial Entertainment wi|l possess."

About Pop3 Media Corp:

Pop3 Media Corp. is engaged in development, production and distribution 
of entertainment-re|ated media for film, te|evision, music and 
pub|ishing interests. The Company's portfolio currently includes ownership of 
ViaStar Distribution Gr0up, A.V.O. Studios, Moving Pictures 
Internationa|, ViaStar Records, Quadra Records, Light of the Spirit Records, 
ViaStar C|assical, ViaStar Artist Management grOup and Masterdisk 


The Examples Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Litt|e Known 
Companies That Explode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are 
A|ready Familiar with This. Is POPT Poised and Positioned to Do that For 
You? Then You May Feel the Time Has Come to Act... And P|ease Watch
this One Trade Monday! Go POPT.

Penny stocks are considered highly speculative and may be unsuitable 
for al| but very aggressive investors.  This Profi|e is not in any way 
affiliated with the featured company.  We were compensated 3O0O do|lars 
to distribute this report.  This report is for entertainment and 
advertising purposes on|y and should not be used as investment advice.

If you wish to stop future mail -ings, or if you fee| you have been 
wrongfu|ly placed in our membership, send a b|ank e mai| with No Thanks in 
the sub ject to   daily_10tip

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