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Re: Translator and R5RS

From: Keisuke Nishida
Subject: Re: Translator and R5RS
Date: 07 Oct 2000 01:05:29 -0400
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Ariel Rios <address@hidden> writes:

> > Guile is going to translate several languages to Scheme, and Guile is
> > supporting R5RS.  My question is whether the translated code should be
> > R5RS or not.
> In my opinion it should be R5RS or IEEE (whenever that gets out). I am
> not really happy with creating scheme dialects that can't be used in
> other places.  A nice solution would be to have both options, that is
> a r5rs translator and as you said a ischeme that can be used in the VM.

My point was to introduce a set of primitives that can be built on the
top of R5RS or whatever.  If you want to run an iScheme code on other
systems, you can still do that by implementing the iScheme primitives
using the standard Scheme primitives, right? (at least in principle)

Probably we should provide Scheme code that implements iScheme.  That
way we can obtain both portability and efficiency.  Isn't it a good idea?

-- Kei

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