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Re: Removing scm_vector_set_length_x ?

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: Removing scm_vector_set_length_x ?
Date: 11 Oct 2000 01:08:22 +0200
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Dirk Herrmann <address@hidden> writes:

> I have removed all calls to scm_vector_set_length_x from libguile.  Thus,
> the function could now be deprecated or removed immediately.  Changing the
> length of an existing vector is something that should not be supported by
> the API, IMO.

I also expressed this opinion here some time ago.  and now when I try 
to remember the reasons, I just can't remember any good ones...

...ah, yes, perhaps it was this one: if we export the
`vector-set-length!' thingie to Scheme, we essentially freeze the
current indirected vector implementation as the only one possible.  in
Common Lisp, they have simple vectors and adjustable vectors, with
resizing available only for the adjustable variant.  that way, people
are free to implement the simple variant without any indirection.

so if we want to leave a future possibility of non-indirected vectors, 
we should either ban `vector-set-length!' or provide (at least in the
API sense) two types of vectors.

what do you think?  what is your reason for disliking

non-exactly-helpfully yours,

"Tools that are no good require more skill."

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