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Re: goops C interface

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: goops C interface
Date: 17 Oct 2000 23:40:49 +0200
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Eric Moore <address@hidden> writes:

> is there any documentation, or examples of the use of the goops C
> interface?

the fdi_example thingie in the goops distribution is the only I know

> Do we still need someone to finish it?  If so, what's wrong/missing
> with what we have now?  (yes, I am volunteering)

you could begin by describing what you want it to do -- that alone
would help alot, I imagine.  I don't think there's a lot of prior art
wrt presenting C interfaces to CLOS'y object systems.

thanks for volonteering!

OS's and GUI's come and go, only Emacs has lasting power.
                                                      -- Per Abrahamsen

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