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Re: scm_remember

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: scm_remember
Date: 01 Nov 2000 13:03:16 +0200
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Dirk Herrmann <address@hidden> writes:

> > but if you pass a pointer to `str', then the compiler has (or at least
> > it can be hoped that it has) to make sure that the pointer really
> > points to a valid location that contains `str', and at least for the
> > life expectancy of `str'.
> I don't understand what you mean:  Sure, the compiler is allowed to reuse
> the register or stack word of 'str', but only _after_ the call to
> scm_remember.  The purpose of scm_remember is:  "Make sure the value
> lives up to exactly this point.

hmmm, yes.  a reading comprehension problem on my part.  sorry.

> Or am I missing something?

not that I see.  but there are other folks on this list that clearly
know much more about C and C compilers than me...

This machine is a piece of GAGH! I need quad processors if I am to do
battle with this code!
                                        -- Klingon Programmer

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