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Re: Errors running tex on r5rs.texi

From: Aubrey Jaffer
Subject: Re: Errors running tex on r5rs.texi
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 22:55:41 -0500 (EST)

 * From: Neil Jerram <address@hidden>
 * Date: 03 Nov 2000 16:10:20 +0000
 * A Guile user has pointed out that `tex r5rs.texi' doesn't work.

Why run tex on r5rs.txi instead of the original tex source  The
"Formal semantics" section works in r5rs.tar.gz but not in r5rs.txi.

 * Since I am currently working on the Guile documentation, I have
 * been investigating this.  I have checked that Guile's copy of
 * r5rs.texi is the same as the master copy on your web page at
 * - it is the same.
 * All the errors are attributable to three problems:
 * (1) \pproto{...} forms in the LaTeX original which include parentheses
 *     around the argument.  These are translated to Texinfo @deffn forms
 *     with parentheses around the name and parameters, which appears to
 *     be illegal: TeX says:
 * ! Unbalanced parentheses in @def.
 * @defunargs ...age {Unbalanced parentheses in @def}
 *                                                   @fi @interlinepenalty 
 * @deffnheader ...p @defname address@hidden {#3}
 *                                                   @endgroup @catcode 
 * @spacesplitfoo ...lax address@hidden #1{#2}{#3#4}
 *                                                   @fi 
 * l.714 ...cedure} (vector-ref @var{vector} @var{k})
 *     This causes errors at lines 714, 725, 728, 1614 and 2258 of
 *     r5rs.txi.  All but the last can be fixed simply by removing the
 *     parentheses.  The last - for the do syntax - is more tricky since
 *     the definition covers more than one line; I don't know what to do
 *     here.
 *     There are no \pproto{(...)} forms which do not lead to this
 *     problem; so you might like to modify the translation for
 *     \pproto{(...)} so that it omits the leading and trailing
 *     parentheses from the output.
 * (2) At line 2316, the named let syntax uses a @deffnx form, whereas it
 *     should be a @deffn form.  Fix is to change @deffnx to @deffn; I
 *     have not investigated what this means for the translation from the
 *     LaTeX.

The @deffnx is correct -- there is no intervening "@end deffn"
command.  So this is a bug in texinfo.

 * (3) At line 7320, the @ignore ... @end ignore lines somehow mess up
 *     the processing of the @t{...} form in which they appear.  Fix is
 *     to insert "@c " at the beginning of these three lines.  I haven't
 *     investigated why @ignore ... @end ignore doesn't work while the
 *     \todo{...} in the original LaTeX does.

Again, a texinfo bug.

 * Are you interested in pursuing and resolving these problems in your
 * version of r5rs.txi?

Only if someone can explain why it is useful to run tex on other than
the original r5rs.tar.gz!

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