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Re: Offering help

From: Mikael Djurfeldt
Subject: Re: Offering help
Date: 16 Dec 2000 20:06:13 +0100
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Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden> writes:

> Are you still interested in a helping hand?  I don't know if I will
> find a place where my work would be of much use, but maybe you can
> point out some part of the project where help would be needed, and
> which is a good starter.  One thing I noticed was that the
> infrastructure of the project could need some cleanup, such as the
> documentation files (INFO, ANON-CVS, HACKING, SNAPSHOTS etc.) and the
> web pages, which are out-of-date.  Whould you like patches for those?

Martin, we very much appreciate your offer, and gladly receive it.
Please feel warmly welcome!

We'd appreciate patches for the doc files.

Also, you'll find some of the things that are being worked upon
mentioned under guile-core/devel/policy/plans* .

Is there any particular type of programming you enjoy especially much?

Four projects which I'd really like to see realized are:

* A C API specification for GOOPS
  (How to create classes, instances, generics and methods from C code.)

* Implementation of the API

* A better low-level representation for GOOPS objects

* A CORBA binding for Guile, utilizing GOOPS objects

Of these projects, I think the first and the last are possible to
tackle without much previous knowledge of the Guile implementation.

There's a task list: guile-core/devel/tasks.text.  I hope it is
reasonably up-to-date.  According to this, Marius and Dirk are
assigned to the C API.  I also know that other people have shown
interest in this (please speak up if you read this!).  I know that
Marius and Dirk are very busy doing other great work, so it might very
well be the case that they are willing to let you take it.

The CORBA interface is assigned to Michael Livshin.  Same thing
applies here---if you're interested, speak to him about it.

Another high-priority project is to develop a means to easily share
Guile code (something similar to Perl's CPAN).  This is working on
this, but you might be able to work together.

(You'll find email addresses in the task list.)

Best regards,

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