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Re: bit-extract seems broken.

From: Jim Blandy
Subject: Re: bit-extract seems broken.
Date: 19 Dec 2000 12:06:08 -0500

Dirk Herrmann <address@hidden> writes:
> On 18 Dec 2000, Rob Browning wrote:
> > 
> >   guile> (bit-extract #b111110100000 0 32)
> >   0
> >   guile>
> > 
> > or can it not return more than a limited range?
> I just wanted to fix it, but realized that it is not really clear to me
> what bit-extract should do with negative numbers.  Opinions?  Should we
> for example only allow non-negative arguments?

[You know, the binding for address@hidden starts with C-c C-c,
which is the key binding which sends the message in message-mode.  Let
me try that again...]

Negative values for the @var{start} and @var{end} arguments to
bit-extract aren't meaningful, as they index bits the value doesn't
have.  A negative start or end should be an error.

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