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Unused definitions in goops.h

From: Dirk Herrmann
Subject: Unused definitions in goops.h
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 19:16:38 +0100 (MET)

Hello everybody.

The following definitions from goops.h are unused throughout guile:

scm_si_vcell, scm_si_vtable, scm_si_proc, scm_si_setter,
scm_si_slotdef_class, scm_si_keyword_access, SCM_METHOD, scm_method_t,

Further, scm_si_name_access is only used to be redefined to

Can these definitions be safely removed from goops.h or are these provided
for future use?  (I know, scm_si_vcell, scm_si_vtable, scm_si_proc and
scm_si_setter are just placeholders and their slot space must
remain.  And, if scm_si_slotdef_class and scm_si_keyword_access were to be
removed, the class layout would have to be changed ...)

Best regards,
Dirk Herrmann

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