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Re: Module name mangling

From: Lars J. Aas
Subject: Re: Module name mangling
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 15:16:01 +0100
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On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 07:59:35AM -0500, Dale P. Smith wrote:
: I would carefully consider the use of '%'.  In M$ shells (and 4dos) the
: '%' is used for variable substitution.

Good point.  If URL-style hex encoding is not to be used, I would
recommend using another character than % too.  Something more easy
on the eye, hopefully.  I'd probably go for "_", but it would mean
encoding another very common character, and we want to keep the
need for mangling filenames to a minimum.  How about "=" or "~"?

  Lars J
Innovation is one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent perspiration,
and in my case; twice that...  -- Norville Barnes, `The Hudsucker Proxy'

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