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Re: Guile Binary Format 0.1

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: Guile Binary Format 0.1
Date: 06 Feb 2001 12:38:29 +0200
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Keisuke Nishida <address@hidden> writes:

> I thought SCM_SETCAR/CDR are doing something special, but looking
> at their definitions again, I realized they aren't.  Okay, I'll
> remove the redundant functions.

just to clarify (or maybe further obfuscate, we'll see): theoretically
SCM_SETCAR/CDR might do something special.  in a generational GC, for
instance.  however, I think we should always provide non-special
counterparts which will be used, for instance, in bulk initializations
and undumping.

>    Name   Stored tag      Real tc
>   "foo"   127 + 0 * 256   (dynamically determined by name)
>   "bar"   127 + 1 * 256   (dynamically determined by name)
>   ...
> Do we need some verification mechanism?  How?

probably not.  I just thought that the fact that the smob type name
*must* always be unique is not currently apparent enough to users.

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