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Re: Scheme file docstring format

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Scheme file docstring format
Date: 17 Feb 2001 10:16:29 +0000

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden> writes:

    >> From: "Dale P. Smith" <address@hidden> Date: Fri, 16 Feb
    >> 2001 16:04:26 -0500
    >> While the docstrings system is being looked at, I'd like to
    >> voice a wish of mine.
    >> I'd like add-on packages to have docstrings integrated with the
    >> rest of guile.  So when you "(use-modules (whatever youwant)"
    >> you get online documentation for whatever youwant.

Absolutely.  As Martin replied ...

    Martin> Neil already suggested to store docstring files similar to
    Martin> Scheme modules in a directory structure which resembles
    Martin> the module names (which is a good idea IMHO).

The relevant message is dated 10th February.

    Martin> I can't find it in the archive right now, but it was
    Martin> something like the following [please correct me if I'm
    Martin> wrong]:

    Martin> Example for module (foo bar):

    Martin> Scheme source in file `foo/bar.scm'.  Docstrings:
    Martin> `foo/bar-docstrings.txt'.

Yes, that's right.  I'm not sold on the `-docstrings' suffix though.

Thanks for your comments!


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