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Re: Scheme file docstring format

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Scheme file docstring format
Date: 18 Feb 2001 20:14:30 +0000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Livshin <address@hidden> writes:

    Michael> er.  what was the point of moving the docstrings into the
    Michael> comments, again?

I think that the biggest reasons are internationalization and

    Michael> I'd rather we figured out a way to fix the normal
    Michael> docstrings, instead of duplicating the module system
    Michael> logic in snarfer scripts etc.

As I've said elsewhere, I don't understand why we need to duplicate
any module system logic in snarfer scripts.

    Michael> the "documentation is part of the code" property of Lispy
    Michael> languages was always one of my favourite features.

Do you really mean as a language feature, or as a feature of the
development environment?

Best regards,


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