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guile performance too slow for gnucash?

From: Neil W. Van Dyke
Subject: guile performance too slow for gnucash?
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 11:55:42 -0500 (EST)

Rob (and others),

Your comments about Guile performance problems in GnuCash have made
me uneasy.  Are you trying to do real-time predictive models for
automated trading, or data-mining 3-D visualizations, or something? :)

I'm in the process of moving *all* my current and future work to have
Guile as the sole or primary implementation language (with C used only
when absolutely necessary, as glue to others' C-based libraries or for
the rare function that really wants to be coded in C or hand-tuned

So far, pure Guile seems acceptably fast for my first substantial Guile
application (which is bound by speed of its network link and remote
servers, not by Guile), the I/O seems to work well, the VM footprint
appears relatively small and leak-free, I haven't noticed any serious
bugs, etc.

I'm extremely interested in details on any real-world performance issues
that you and other people are encountering are encountering with Guile.

Neil (nwv)

                                          Neil W. Van Dyke <address@hidden>

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