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Re: scm_wrong_num_args

From: Dale P. Smith
Subject: Re: scm_wrong_num_args
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:17:06 -0500

Dirk Herrmann wrote:
> One aspect is (as you have suggested) to make the error reporting
> functions create continuations to allow to continue the execution after an
> error has occured.  This idea can be extended, for example to use the
> continuation to extract backtrace information (as a replacement or in
> addition to the current explicit stack creation mechanism).  This would
> allow to show a mixture of C level and scheme level stack frames.

I would like to see this.  I was working on (before a whole lot of Real
Work) a mod_guile module for Apache.  I was using
gh_eval_file_with_catch for config files and scheme web pages.  I looked
into someway of recovering after an error, and couldn't figure it out. 
Like maybe aborting the current definition and continuing on with the
rest of the file.  I think scwm works the right way.  I looked at the
scwm configure script loading routines, but they were wound deep into
the heart of scwm.  At least that's the way I remember it.  This was
around November of last year (2000), and I haven't touched it since

Also, when an error occurs the ports are swapped back so that the error
handling function's input and output ports were at the time of the load
call, not at the time of the error.  I'm talking about the handler you
pass to gh_eval_file_with_catch.  There is no way (that I know of) to
recover the input port so you can find the line and column number of the

Dale P. Smith
Treasurer, Cleveland Linux Users Group
Senior Systems Consultant, Altus Technologies Corporation
440-746-9000 x309

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