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Re: Problem building guile 1.4

From: Andrew Koenig
Subject: Re: Problem building guile 1.4
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 13:18:07 -0400 (EDT)

Marius> Andrew Koenig <address@hidden> writes:
Marius> Hmm, is Guile any special in this regard?
>> It in the sense that it expects to use a header file that is not
>> part of the standard compiler distribution.  Most gnu packages
>> do not seem to have that requirement.

Marius> I'm not yet convinced, I'm afraid.  (GDB, bash, bc all use readline,
Marius> for example.)  However, since it wont do harm either, I guess we could
Marius> include a note in INSTALL.  Do you have a suggestion?


        If readline is available, guile uses it.  In that case,
        it expects to be able to compile

                   #include <readline/readline.h>

        If you installed readline, and you used the --prefix
        installation option to install it somewhere than /usr/local,
        you must arrange for your compiler to find it by default.  If
        that compiler is gcc, one convenient way of making such
        arrangements is to use the --with-local-prefix option during
        installation, naming the same directory as you used in the
        --prefix option of readline.  In particular, it is not good
        enough to use the same --prefix option when you install gcc
        and readline; you need to use the --with-local-prefix option
        as well.  See the gcc documentation for more details.

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