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Re: `angle' implementation

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: `angle' implementation
Date: 03 Jul 2001 19:51:56 +0300
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address@hidden (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) writes:

> Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden> writes:
> > Performance?
> In that case, energy should be spent fixing that part of the system,
> and not writing these kinds of functions in C. :)

excuse me for butting in at this point, but I understand that you,
Thomas, are actually _hired_ by the FSF to do Guile-related things.

why writing a Python translator, of all things?

the reason I ask is because I think Guile is in need of a paid person
taking care of the plumbing.  in absence of such, really important
things get depeloped (or discussed) up to the "boring" stage and stay
there.  I mean things like a functioning compiler or a nicer module

please don't take it personally (I rarely intend things to be
personal, but my experience is that they are frequently taken as such.
please don't), I'm just extremely curious about the FSF's motivation.

Parenthesize to avoid ambiguity.

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