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Re: startup times

From: Evan Prodromou
Subject: Re: startup times
Date: 05 Jul 2001 10:01:42 -0700
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>>>>> "NWVD" == Neil W Van Dyke <address@hidden> writes:

    NWVD> I just noticed that Guile startup time gets noticeably slow
    NWVD> once you start loading packages.

Expecially big fat dumb packages like the HTTP library. B-)

    NWVD> Plain Guile with HTTP library (which also loads GOOPS) takes
    NWVD> over 3 seconds to load before loading application code.

There's been very little tuning on the HTTP library. I think the newer
version 0.3.1 (check here:

) should be a bit quicker, but I don't have any numbers on it.

(Sadly, I mislaid my pwd for the GLUG project thingy for (net http),
and I haven't updated the projects list. I guess I should dig it up
and do so...)

    NWVD> Will any startup speed improvements make it into 1.6?

There are, I think, 3 current technologies on the board for improving

        * guile-vm: compile Guile to a bytecode and execute the

        * guile-lightning: use GNU Lightning to do a "Guile JIT

        * hobbit: compile Guile code to C, compile the C, and run it. 

I don't have -any- idea how well any of these things work with
GOOPS. My first guess would be: crappy. B-)

Out of curiosity, what context are you using (net http) in, that
startup time is important?


Evan Prodromou

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