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Re: doc cleanup

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: doc cleanup
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 04:34:16 -0700

   From: Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden>
   Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 10:19:07 +0200

   [sensible cleanup]

   The same applies to SNAPSHOTS.  I really have no idea what is going
   on with, but it does not snapshot the right CVS repo,
   IIRC.  Maybe we should rather refer to -- but I'm not
   sure whether the snapshot was set up for a specific purpose, or is a
   long-term service (thi?)

perhaps it's best to remove SNAPSHOTS altogether and let the user
community find its way unofficially.  i suggest this because the web
pages are no longer shell-accessible (to me at least), which means it's
difficult to maintain a cron job on (wherever that may be
these days), which means the "we" voice in SNAPSHOTS is largely

however, as a service to fellow users, i maintain an unofficial
unpolished snapshot (some people have suggested doing a "make dist"
instead of the simple cvs checkout currently used -- good idea but i
haven't gotten around to it yet) which i hope to be long term.  i also
hope other users w/ resources provide snapshots on their own, and am
happy to link to a "snapshot ring" should one arise.  (the more the

removing SNAPSHOTS reduces maintenance cost for guile hackers, too.

   And then, we should of course re-check the web pages for outdated
   stuff, incorrect info etc, before releasing 1.6.  People will visit
   the pages when they see the announcement, and we don't want to scare
   them off, do we? ;-)

   When provided with the necessary information, I can do that myself,
   except for the web pages.

this situation seems broken; all parties w/ guile-core write privs ought
to have similar write privs for the web pages (as long as they read and
maintain README.MAINTAINERS).  i used to be somewhat territorial about
the web pages, but now that there's some methodology in place (and i'm
so busy elsewhere), i welcome involvement by others, partly to reduce
load and partly to see how well the methodology holds up; tweaking
process sometimes gives me more pleasure than code, these days.

anyway, to be concrete, someone w/ web page admin privs should either
grant web page write privs to everyone who has guile-core write privs,
or grant me admin privs so that i can do the deed myself.  (the third
option would be to deny this request w/ a good reason, but let's hope
this is not necessary.)  so.... who's got web page admin privs?


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