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Re: [patch] i18n, l10n, gettext and something more

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Re: [patch] i18n, l10n, gettext and something more
Date: 05 Aug 2001 02:21:43 +0000
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Marius Vollmer <address@hidden> writes:
> Daniel Skarda <address@hidden> writes:
> > I think that (i18n gettext) module (bindings for C functions from
> > GNU gettext library) can/should go into 1.6 release. It does not/can
> > not break anything and 1.8 is too far away and inclusion of gettext
> > bindings would allow scheme users to i18n their projects now.
> What about distributing the module in a separate package until 1.8?

  Of course that would be possible - and separate package can contain both full
featured xgettext (and appropriate patch to read.c) and less powerful version
which is not able to extract all information (comments etc..) because it uses
untwisted `read' function (I am not in mood for writing another specialised
parser today - but let's see my mood after one week on trip :-)

  It can also become part of early 1.7 series. It seems that there are two
models for odd series:

   - "work in progress" (Linux, Gtk,...)

   - "few debugging beta versions before final release" (? Guile ?)

  Definitely none of these two is better than other (only in second case it
takes more time for new features to reach application developers, who are not
eager to compile new CVS snapshot :-)

  I hope that application developers will adopt my i18n solution and help me to
find (and localize :) bugs and smash them into nonexistence.
> >  As for scripts/xgettext - it utilises read extensions, because I think 
> > that:
> > 
> >   * extracted strings in .PO file should look like strings in .scm
> >   sources - so if there is \t in .scm file there should be \t in .po
> >   file and not " ".
> This looks more like a problem of properly writing the .PO file to me,
> than like a problem reading the Scheme source.

  Of course there is option to escape all unusual characters. Though it still
makes sense to write strings in .po file as they were written in .scm file by
programmer, but once I read string with "ordinary" `read', all differences
between "       " and \t vanish :-(


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