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Re: ice-9/getopt-long.scm + 1.5.1 please? + time-based 1.5.x?

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: ice-9/getopt-long.scm + 1.5.1 please? + time-based 1.5.x?
Date: 21 Aug 2001 09:11:18 -0500
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> writes:

> i think you understimate the power of enabling ordinary users to be
> beta testers.  broad public consumption is the best way to get broad
> public feedback, which is to be encouraged, not feared.  generally,
> i don't believe it's wise (or even possible!) to decide for users
> what they are ready to handle.

I think we may be having a misunderstanding.  I don't disagree with
you at all here.  I'm happy for the beta to be very public.  I was
just talking about the numbering convention.

As with the Linux kernel, I have no problems with our test versions
being widely distributed/discussed.  I just didn't want them to end up
packaged in an OS distribution, for example, unless there were
extenuating circumstances.  I'd also be happy to use an{stable,unstable} setup if people would like
that better, and if the FSF doesn't mind.

In any case, I'm not all that picky.  I just want to get the thing
tested and released ASAP :>

> as an experiment, i've forwarded the 1.5.1 announcement to
> guile-user.  let's study where the bug reports come from (and their
> quality) -- i suspect there will be a few from guile-user that might
> not have shown up had we restricted announcement to the original
> recipient list.  IMHO, future announcements should be sent to
> guile-user as a matter of course.

Not sending it to guile-user was just an oversight.  I totally agree
that it should have been sent there.  Apologies.


Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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