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From: Bruce Korb
Subject: auto-auto-conf-test
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 21:15:35 -0800

Hi all,

I have my sample AutoGen-as-CGI-service page working.
The only configure tests working are compile, link
or run tests, and the only result method is a #define.
However, it is programmable so you can really make it
do whatever you want.  The cute things I think are:

1.  the information supplied is cleaner than in the
    macro definition
2.  It will be trivial to emit texinfo usage documentation
    that includes any #define or substitution output
3.  All the quoting issues are automatically solved.
    Hapless users need never worry about over or under
    quoting.  (I have to, or the maintainer of such
    templates has to...)-:
4.  The templates are highly extensible, so adding tests
    and results for with/without/enable/disable options
    and any manner of other things will be quite easy.
5.  Given the flat nature of the input data, the resulting
    templates are hardly different from PHP capapbilities,
    except that Guile is used as the embedded language
    instead of the C-ish PHP language.
6.  Try it, please:

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