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Re: guile: GIF files

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: guile: GIF files
Date: 19 Jan 2002 21:58:50 +0000
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[Savannah hackers...]

Done as requested.

[For Guile developers...]

I've converted some GIF files in the guile-tk module to PNG as
requested (see cited email below).  I couldn't find anything in
guile-tk that depended on these files being in GIF format; my guess is
that the files were only there as examples for the Tk GIF reader.  If
anyone knows any better, please enlighten.

I couldn't get guile-tk to build; it fails for me in ./configure,
claiming that Guile is not installed on my computer :-) !


>>>>> "savannah-hackers" == savannah-hackers  <address@hidden> writes:

    savannah-hackers>     Hi,
    savannah-hackers>     Could you please remove the following GIF files from 
the project
    savannah-hackers> guile hosted on the GNU machines ? 

    savannah-hackers>     For an explanation on why there are not GIF files on 
the GNU
    savannah-hackers> machines read 
This policy was
    savannah-hackers> established years ago by the GNU project and is an 
integral part of
    savannah-hackers> the requirements for every project registering on
    savannah-hackers> (see

    savannah-hackers>     The home page of your project is 

    savannah-hackers>     You can convert GIF files to PNG using the gif2png 

    savannah-hackers>     Here is a sample script to convert the GIF files that 
are in
    savannah-hackers> the sources of guile to PNG.

    savannah-hackers>     export CVS_RSH=ssh
    savannah-hackers>     mkdir tmp 
    savannah-hackers>     cd tmp
    savannah-hackers>     cvs -d address@hidden:/cvsroot/guile co .

    savannah-hackers>     while read file 
    savannah-hackers>     do
    savannah-hackers>   gif2png -O $file.gif
    savannah-hackers>   cvs delete -f $file.gif
    savannah-hackers>   cvs add $file.png
    savannah-hackers>     done <<'EOF'
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/Cancel
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/Help
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/Ok
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/STk-normal
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/earth
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/earthris
    savannah-hackers> guile/guile-tk/Lib/images/mickey
    savannah-hackers> EOF
    savannah-hackers>     cvs commit -m 'Convert GIF to PNG'

    savannah-hackers>   Thanks for your help,

    savannah-hackers>   The GNU volunteers, address@hidden

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