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Feasibility of porting guile to Dreamcast?

From: Colin McMillen
Subject: Feasibility of porting guile to Dreamcast?
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:47:54 -0600

I'm interested in doing programming for the Sega Dreamcast console and was 
thinking of porting guile to DC as an initial project. (I'm eventually 
interested in game programming and would like to have a scheme interpreter 
available for scripting.)

>From what I understand, guile is written in C, so porting guile would 
hopefully just require a few makefile changes and a cross-compile with 
sh-elf-gcc. I figured before I got started with this, I'd ask the devel list 
if there are any subtleties or difficulties that I should be aware of before 
I start.

Any tips/ideas/corrections? Thanks a lot for your help.

- Colin

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