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Re: Release 1.6 critical TODO items.

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Release 1.6 critical TODO items.
Date: 29 Jan 2002 23:16:29 +0000
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>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden> writes:

    >> From: Neil Jerram <address@hidden>
    >> Why do gensym symbols need a re-readable print syntax anyway? [...]

    Martin> They should be re-readable because gensym is often used by
    Martin> macro-expanders when alpha-converting.  IIRC, (ice-9 syncase) does
    Martin> exactly that when generating the preprocessed version of the macro
    Martin> expander in psyntax.pp.

Ah, I see.  Thanks.  So if we changed gensym now to produce symbols
that print unreadably, we'd break (ice-9 syncase).  That sounds pretty


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