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Re: The Guile license and the use of LGPL libs (like GMP).

From: Jeff Read
Subject: Re: The Guile license and the use of LGPL libs (like GMP).
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 19:35:35 -0400
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On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 06:17:07PM -0500, Rob Browning wrote:
> OK, well we should keep that in mind, though as long as GMP supports
> the target architecture, and we arrange guile to handle a
> --with-gmp=/some/prefix argument, I'm not sure that keeping a copy of
> GMP's source tree inside ours buys much over just making sure the GMP
> tarfile is handy, and that we have good docs about any required
> configure args, etc.
> This is all presuming we were in a situation where you had to have
> GMP, i.e we didn't take the route allowing --without-gmp, or similar.

This is acceptable. My main concern is that Guile not exhibit "creeping DLL 
hell". I once heard a statistic that said the Gnucash project, for instance, 
has some 60 lib dependencies. Most of these are probably due to interlocking 
GNOME dependencies... but that factors into why I don't touch GNOME with a 
ten-foot pole.

Ideally, as you said, we'd provide an option to allow the user to opt out of 
GMP usage, hopefully with no loss in functionality.

Jeffrey T. Read
"I fight not for me but the blind babe Justice!" --Galford

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