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Re: guile/workbook/extension/dynamic-root.text

From: Gary Houston
Subject: Re: guile/workbook/extension/dynamic-root.text
Date: 30 May 2002 21:31:52 +0100

> From: Tom Lord <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 10:28:04 -0700 (PDT)
>         lord:
>       [stackless]
>       hanwen:
>       destroys GUILE's biggest asset, and the very purpose of
>       why GUILE came to be: easy integration with external packages (written
>       in C)
>       [example given that uses conservative gc]
> But there are at least several different ways to accomplish the same
> goals as that example code, all of which use "easy integration with
> ... C" yet are stackless-compatible.  So, if it was discussed before,
> and what you're saying was the conclusion, that conclusion was
> mistaken.

Weren't the previous discussions mainly about conservative vs
precise gc?  Would it be possible to use stackless Scheme
execution and still conservatively scan the C stack?

Stackless execution seems worth investigating just for the speed-up to
call/cc: it's one of the main features of Scheme and it should be
possible to use it without worrying about performance.

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